The Wynne-McGuinty legacy: Perpetual debt

In next spring’s Ontario budget, Finance Minister Charles Sousa, assuming he’s still got the job, will boast that the Liberal government has delivered, as promised, a balanced budget for 2017-18.

Today’s, let’s examine what that really means.

First, it will come on the heels of nine straight deficits by the Liberals, first under former premier Dalton McGuinty, now under Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Second, it will only be achieved through such things as the fire sale to the private sector of 60% of Hydro One.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Selling twenty percent to the union.
    Who controls that vote?

  • Ron MacDonald
  • ontario john

    We don’t worry about money here in sunny ways Ontario. We are too busy planning next years homosexual parades.

  • canminuteman

    Ontario will go bankrupt. National governments can print money and inflate their way out of debt. Provinces can’t. No one will be prepared to lend them money any more, the rate of interest that they will have to pay to get money will go way up and our healthcare and education systems will be gone.

    I don’t think people wanted this, but this is what happens when you let everyone vote.

    • Clink9


      not able to be maintained at the current rate or level.
      “macroeconomic instability led to an unsustainable boom”

      upsetting the ecological balance by depleting natural resources.
      “unsustainable fishing practices”

      not able to be upheld or defended.
      “the old idea was unsustainable”

    • Waffle

      “Education” is already in the toilet, waiting for the final flush. “Health care”???? — HAHAHAHAHA

  • Waffle

    Am I surprised that nobody, but nobody, is even talking about the press release that the OG issued late Friday afternoon — just after the close of business, of course, on a long, long weekend.

    For the unenlightened, read and weep:

    And what was that you were saying about your Hydro bill?