Semi-brave U wobbles toward holding the line against privileged grievance bunnies

From Todd Starnes at Townhall:

East Carolina University just had a “Come to Jesus” moment with a group of perpetually-offended, self-entitled marching band members who disgraced America during last Saturday’s football game.

At least 19 members of the Marching Pirate either took a knee or refused to play during the playing of the National Anthem. Click here to read the original story.

North Carolina fans reacted strongly – booing and heckling the band throughout the game. According to local news reports, the band was escorted from the field by security.

At first, the U ‘crats wanted to fold, but then, miraculously (hey, the guy said it was a “come to Jesus” moment) …

“Our football program relies on the passion of our fan base and we will continue to proudly lead our team out of the tunnel with the American Flag for each and every game,” AD Jeff Compher said.

I suspect the only reason ECU has changed its tune on the marching band is because of the great patriots of America who called, emailed and canceled donations. More.

Reality check: Exactly. Which is why I say to all alumni: Jump on every such tolerance of thuggery.  Rip the mink security blankets you provide out from under U ‘crat butts. Leave their butts on the cold, hard cement.

Thought experiment: Suppose it were an international show game and their prize-winning junior jackboots refused to show respect for O Canada? (Mad  at us due to some rabble-rousing SJW cause they don’t even understand, re which they can’t be bothered to find out the bigger picture on the ground?)

Wouldn’t the ‘boots just be saying, we will do whatever the hell we please, give offense to whoever and whatever we please, and we know you idiots will go on admiring and supporting us and loving us anyway?

Well, either that is true or it is not. We must each decide for ourselves whether it is true of us. And what it will mean for us if that is true.

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