Podesta emails: Diversity Arithmetic Reduces People To Labels – “Political Director – Hispanic Woman”

This is from the 2nd Podesta emails dump and is an exchange between Podesta and Cheryl Mills.

The democrats are so race obsessed that in outlining the structure of their organization they list “Political Director – Hispanic Woman”

What it says to me is “Grab an Hispanic, any Hispanic and if she’s a woman we can check off two boxes on the virtue signalling diversity checklist”


Seems a cold and calculated social justice arithmetic was at work, as the email then goes on to list their diversity breakdown so one assumes they can brag about how colour and gender blind they are – by their very nature!


  • BillyHW

    These people are a disgrace and may be given control of the white house because of the female hormonal cycle. Frightening!

  • Jay Currie

    I’ve always wondered if Mook is festive enough.

  • Gary

    In Toronto the Police and EMS services were forced to have a Quota system for Diversity employees.
    Liberals and Leftists thought that the near $80,000.00 for those jobs was all about sexism and the Boys Clubs to be over-paid .

    Suddenly reality set in when the blood flowed and the horrific suicides were common. There was a reason they had a Gun and had to be at least 25 years old while both Police and EMS had to be strong and large .
    Currently , there is now a LTD crisis for female Officers and EMS workers where they now make Insurance claims for PTSD . The NDP responded to this crisis not by wanting to go back to the old Standards that worked ….no sir, the NDP fought for these high paid females to have PTSD deemed a disease to get full LTD coverage to age 65.
    This scam by the NDP was to buy the votes from the Police and Public Unions , this was very telling when I read that the PTSD didn’t even have to be work related which open this to fraud to find a Doctor to claim PTSD from a relatives death or witnessing a car crash or house fire where a child dies.

    Watch how fast Muslims make fake PTSD claims after getting the jobs from the Diversity Quota policy. The quran does not teach a work ethic , so don’t be shocked when Hijab wearing Cops and EMS staff use the revolving door to go in for the $80,000.00 a year and then come out with a LTD claim for PTSD that paid for at 75% of income until age 65.