Pew: Trust in climate science low among Republicans, high among liberal Democrats

Not that we didn’t know that. From survey research firm Pew

Political fissures on climate issues extend far beyond beliefs about whether climate change is occurring and whether humans are playing a role, according to a new, in-depth survey by Pew Research Center. These divisions reach across every dimension of the climate debate, down to people’s basic trust in the motivations that drive climate scientists to conduct their research.

Specifically, the survey finds wide political divides in views of the potential for devastation to the Earth’s ecosystems and what might be done to address any climate impacts. There are also major divides in the way partisans interpret the current scientific discussion over climate, with the political left and right having vastly divergent perceptions of modern scientific consensus, differing levels of trust in the information they get from professional researchers, and different views as to whether it is the quest for knowledge or the quest for professional advancement that drives climate scientists in their work.More.

Reality check: Republican voters tend principally to be producers, for whom taxes, tolls, legislation, blather, and street drama basically raise costs, costs they must pass on to custoers. Liberal democrats tend to be talkers, for whom all those features are actually benefits, from which they will derive income. To say nothing of the opportunities that will come if they can just start censoring and enforcing, as is now mooted

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