Islamic violence will decide Europe’s destiny

On visits to predominantly Muslim suburbs emerging outside nearly all northern European cities, one question keeps recurring: Why have some of the richest, most educated, most secular, most placid, and most homogeneous countries in the world willingly opened their doors to virtually any migrant from the poorest, least modern, most religious, and least stable countries?

Other questions follow: Why have mostly Christian countries decided to take in mostly Muslim immigrants? Why do so many Establishment politicians, most notably Germany’s Angela Merkel, ignore and revile those who increasing worry that this immigration is permanently changing the face of Europe? Why does it fall to the weaker Visegrd states of eastern Europe to articulate a patriotic rejection of this phenomenon? Where will the immigration lead to?

  • simus1

    If you look at the puzzle from the perspective of an elitist top level bureaucrat striving to destroy all rival power centres in a western society, there is a faint outline in the fog.

  • Editor

    Unless Europeans find unsuspected, hidden resolve, strength and determination, and soon, Europe’s destiny is already decided. It’s the demographics, stupid.

  • Linda1000

    I ain’t buying the guilt aspect of today’s Europeans. How many of the younger people in Europe even remember events of WW2, the Holocaust, the Algerian takeover by France, etc. I think it’s simply wrong secular Marxist brainwashing theory controlled by a very few of the wealthy political elites or what they consider themselves to be of “higher class”. What is really insane is that Britain, Canada, the U.S. and Australia seem hell bent on following Europe.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Why? Satan; Evil works in ways we find it difficult to comprehend.