If Jill Soloway Can’t Get Trans Characters Right, Nobody Else Can Hope To, Either

The real issue here is not ‘Transparent’ director Jill Soloway’s blatant hypocrisy, but the gaping holes her casting controversy exposes in the trans movement’s ever-changing narrative.

Jill Soloway just won an Emmy for directing the Amazon TV series “Transparent” starring Jeffrey Tambor, who also just won an Emmy for portraying a trans woman on the critically acclaimed show. In most cases this kind of acclaim would be occasion for a little celebration, but for Soloway, the success of the third season of her cutting-edge show brought self-recrimination instead. In an interview in Vulture, the director announced “the time has come where it’s unacceptable for cis men to play trans women.”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Given my viewing habits (or lack thereof), I would like to introduce her to a truly great actor, Clark Gable.

  • BillyHW

    Transparent is the best thing that ever happened to traditional values.

    These characters are so obviously immature, perverted, narcissistic, selfish, uncharitable and downright unlikeable basket-cases. Their lives are total wrecks and they destroy the lives of anyone they encounter. Watch the show and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

  • Holey smoke a rollie! We got another new word: “cis”. Don’t know what it means and don’t care.

    Sick of learning all the new language of the Left and twisting my brain out of shape trying to understand it. There’s an ancient Aboriginal proverb from Turtle Island: “Punch a Leftist in the nose and social injustice will cease”.

    • Exile1981

      It means straight as in mot gay or trans. I had to look it up when I tried to apply for a job in january.

      • Kathy Prendergast

        Pronounced just like “sis”, so lends itself to many opportunities for taking the cis-piss out of some SJW:

        A: Are you a cis?
        B: Why yes, I am. I have one older brother and one younger sister, although they usually just call me “Betty”.


        A: Are you a cis?
        B: No, actually I’m a bro. But my siblings usually just call me “Frank”.

      • Thanks for the clarification, but now you have to explain to me what “mot” means.

        But please don’t — I honestly wish to remain “ignorant”!

        • Exile1981

          not… stupid tiny keys on my phone.

  • vimy

    cis on this bitch

  • ntt1

    Who really cares? and what kind of loser gives an hour of their precious life to waste on this kind of nonsense.?
    Cut the cable you have nothing to lose ,a lot to gain in saved money and let the intersectional cis gender neutral quad tracking trans weirdos circle their own butt holes ,ever tighter,ever faster until, like entering a black hole , wink out of sight

  • Shebel

    That is Ok -long as a perverted ,faggot can’t play someone that is Normal.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    I saw the fine actress Felicity Huffman playing a male-to-female transsexual in the film Transamerica. She would probably get flak for that, now.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Jeffery’s “LOOMING” over her a la Trump. A smell a white male patriarchal right wing homophobic xenophobic racist clinger deplorable conspiracy !!!!!

  • Hard Little Machine

    The problem with liberals is that entertainment is never supposed to be entertaining. That’s not the point. It’s an agendized ham handed morality play to scolds and nags its audience into right-thinking

  • Gary

    This is amazing.
    From Grade 1 to the end of High School I had never seen even 1 student exempt from Swim class or Gym to mix among the students in the change rooms for a Private reason from a NOTE by the Parent.
    The only kid in my area that didn’t join us for the Summer swim classes at the local High School or the evening Swim sessions was the boy that had a serious chest operation that we found out when his shirt blew open a bit to expose Stitching Dots and a single scar from one side of his rib cage to the other side.
    Nobody really cared while some saw it as cool by not knowing it was from a traumatic stay in the Hospital from surgery .

    Where the hell are they getting these ” trans” people from because it now seems like every Public school in Toronto has several along with gay kids in Kindergarten
    that seem to know they are gay while the older kids in Grade 5 need a sex change.
    It’s odd that males seem to dominate being Trans people that get the Twig and Berries removed…..yet why isn’t there a women going in for an ” add-a-dick-to me ” .
    This looks more like a serious mental issue from a messed-up family or perverts in the School system that tell boys they are girls while girls are told they are boys. Look at how many messed-up teens want a Safe-Space on Campus to protect their Reality Bubble from being breached by the truth .