Dirty Donald and Sunshine Conservatives

This US election is not about who has lived the most blameless life. It is about who can best protect our collective interests. Trump is a vulgarian, no doubt about it, but of the two presidential contenders he is the only one who grasps that the West is in peril

This has been a fearfully clarifying US election. There are people who declare themselves on the right side of politics, who are in truth sham defenders of freedom and our way of life, and who will be forever shunned by those of us who stood for saving the American Republic and the Western world at this moment of great peril.

The American election will determine the fate of the West.

  • Editor

    “The American election will determine the fate of the West.”
    Sadly, I fear too few people are willing to admit the challenges we face and understand this reality. Canada just elected Prime Minister Current Year FFS!

  • It’s primarily about free speech. If Trump accomplishes nothing, loses the election etc., then he will have always accomplished the most important thing in my mind: free speech. They rarely criticize Trump on policy — everything they throw at him is language-related. Totalitarian control over free speech is clearly on the Left’s agenda.

    Free speech and the First Amendment is under attack. Frankly, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms). Reason being, if you don’t have free speech to defend your right to bear arms in the first place then your guns are useless. Everything in the Constitution is useless without the fundamental freedoms in the First Amendment. The Left is going for the jugular and idiot conservatives are blind to it.

    • V10_Rob

      That’d be nice if nothing else came from it than proof that you can fight back and stand up to the PC globalists and not be browbeaten and shamed into silence.

      Thing is, Trump truly has ‘F*** You money’, most of us still have to hold down a job and not stick our necks out. We have to worry about keeping the brownshirts of the professional outrage industry (and their social media enablers) off our back, so we need a front-man we can back semi-anonymously.

      Polls show a strong majority of North Americans are on-board with Trump’s general policies, even if they despise the man himself. If it any other person ran on that platform (and meant it), they’d win by a landslide. But there is a surprising dearth of pols willing to touch these issue beyond platitudes.

      There is a very big demographic that is going unserved except by Trump. In any other circumstance, there’d be plenty of imitators lining up to exploit that untapped market. Very odd, that.

      • I agree with the author of the cited article — the fate of the West hangs in the balance. But I think most Western Politicians have already surrendered to the neo-Marxist / fascist-Socialist revolution. And it is the simple criminalization of free speech that accomplished it — without a shot being fired.

        My prediction is that if the revolution succeeds, it will be much larger and devastating than anything we witnessed from the former Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, etc. Because it builds on all the false assumptions of the aforementioned fascist Governance models, is Global in nature, and involves the wealthiest and most prosperous Nations on earth. There is also an unsettling “Nazi” element to it inasmuch as the Socialists refuse to recognize the danger of the rise of Global fascist anti-Semitic Islamism happening in parallel — I think Socialists honestly believe they can work together with these criminals in a way that will help them realize their vision for a Global utopia.

  • Clausewitz

    Hillary only wants to be President so that she can walk in Bill’s shoes while she rapes the nation.