Climate elitists wage war on regular people

The elites are laughing at the suffering climate zealotry is causing regular people. Literally. There was no greater sign of the climate elitists’ assault on regular folks than a recent exchange in the House of Commons.

Conservative MP Lisa Raitt stood up in question period Wednesday to tell stories about families she knew who were having trouble paying the bills and were worried about the national carbon tax the Liberals are mandating the provinces to introduce.

She got through one anecdote and decorum seemed to hold. But once she started her second story, before she’d even really gotten into it, the Liberals started to groan and heckle and guffaw at her. Raitt was shocked.

As she should be.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    What the Cons did for the minimum wage 00000 instead they imported people to come over here to work for less than the minimum wage and put the local citizens on a laid off into the unemployment list.

  • There is no shortage of, well meaning liberal fools, willing to spend other people’s money, in order to “do good”.

  • ontario john

    Trudeau is a spoiled little rich boy, who obviously never read Animal Farm. Why should he or the leftist elites that run this country care about the peasants. As long as can use his office as his own personal travel agency, he is happy. And the self serving liars that use the global warming scam, to fulfill their own agendas certainly don’t care about ordinary people.

  • BrokenDrumsticks

    Soon their day will come and if they are lucky they will be removed from office by the ballot and not the rope.

  • Maggat

    That is a perfect picture of his hindness. I can hardly wait until it shows up in selfies.

  • FactsWillOut

    If we had a conservative party, they could use the video of this to win the election in a well-regulated add campaign. Too bad Canada has no conservative party. We’ve got fascists(PC), commies(Lib and NDP) and fruit-loops(Green).

  • Gary The good news is that the Trudeau MP’s that are muslims are no different than atheists or any other treasonous weasel in Politics.
    We’re being fed Taqiyyah by Muslims in Canada that islam is the answer to the World’s problems…..yet Muslim MP’s cheered and clapped for Justin when he made it clear that his Liberal Government was NOT going to rescue the non-muslim little girls being raped by those Muslim MP’s Brothers in ISIS.

    No matter what Justin does, those Muslim MP’s will support him because they will always be a Citizen of Islam and loyal to Allah and Muhammad.
    That’s why close to 95% of the refugees , alleged to be from Syria , are Sunni Muslims . The Hamas linked CAIR has ties to the Sunni Saudi’s which also explains why Justin toured the Jew-hating Homophobic Sunni Mosques for their votes.

    But he’s a feminists you know….plus cares about Pollution and Global Warming.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    That’s the best he’s ever looked!

  • ontario john

    And please don’t forget, that not only is it Islamic Heritage Month, but it is also whiny indian day .

  • B__2

    The anthropogenic global warming scare has been admitted by an official of the IPCC, the UN body responsible for pushing this meme, as as a scheme to redistribute the world’s wealth and not actually about the environment:

    So it is in Canada, another scheme to redistribute wealth.

    The stated reason of taxing carbon dioxide emissions is to raise the cost of making goods or using services that emit carbon dioxide to a point where people make less or use less to reduce the emissions of that carbon dioxide. Unless the penalty is high enough, then people will shrug and continue their old ways and consumption. Therefore Trudeau must make this tax punitive, to discourage emissions of carbon dioxide.

    So, all people, rich and poor are supposed to be dissuaded by this carbon tax. The problem is that this tax does not equally dissuade the rich and poor; the poor will be highly dissuaded by their lack of money, but the rich will not be due to a smaller proportion of their wealth being used to pay the carbon tax.

    If the poor’s disproportionate suffering under the carbon tax is mitigated by subsidising the carbon tax for them, then they will be allowed to maintain their carbon dioxide output due to the subsidies, the rich will still be spending a tiny part of their wealth on the new carbon tax, and the middle class will be hit with the costs and expected to bear the responsibility for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In other words, wealth redistribution.