An Aggressive Donald Trump Uses Debate To Show Critics He Isn’t Leaving Race

ST. LOUIS, MO — Donald Trump survives.

Coming at a harrowing time for his campaign, the Republican nominee entered the presidential debate here Sunday night facing calls from members of his own party to step aside. But Trump used an aggressive performance against Hillary Clinton to signal to those critics in the Republican Party that he has no intention of going anywhere.

Following the debate, Trump allies expressed optimism in interviews with The Daily Caller that the candidate’s strong debate performance will be effective in fighting back against those critics.

How the moderators hijacked the second debate

Last night was a vivid, real-time illustration of how the media think of the American people: “We’re really interested in how you think! So, please, come in, sit down and . . . let the professionals ask the questions.”

Man of the people Anderson Cooper, son of Gloria Vanderbilt, and Martha Raddatz, who had President Obama as a guest at her wedding, must have panicked when ordinary Americans invited to what was billed as a Town Hall debate in St. Louis didn’t ask the questions they were supposed to ask.