A dangerous liaison: terrorists and organized crime in South America

South AmericaAbout 100 South Americans have fought alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and returned home. What’s to stop them from sneaking into the United States? In the U.S., the FBI monitors suspected terrorists. But are they effectively tracked in Choco forest in Colombia or business fronts in Bolivia?

Terrorist groups are closer to us than you might think. The most prominent and well-known in South America is Hezbollah. It works with drug cartels and local terrorists such as the FARC in Colombia. Now that Colombian citizens rejected a peace deal between the FARC and their government, there is a fear drug-trafficking will continue and connections with Hezbollah will remain. The U.S. needs to provide its regional allies with financial assistance, limited military aid, and intelligence to help disrupt these sorts of relationships before there’s another attack on U.S. soil.

  • vwVwwVwv

    It started with the Cuban commy-Mercenarys who made friends with ARAB-Terrorists
    and all Terrorists all over the World. Hisbolla has now a Drug-Used-Car String,
    bringing Drugs in to USA, turning the Drugmoney in to Used Cars, bringing
    the Cars to S-America and Africa, bying influence there placeing
    terrorists all over the land, bringing Drugs to Europe
    turning the money in to Used Cars….

    Hisbolla is a Global-Power against which the mafia-triades-jakusa are like a Kindergarden.

  • Tokenn

    I am less worried about terrorists than I am of Islamic population growth and political influence in Western nations. It’s easy to oppose violence and mass murder [that has nothing to do with Islam. right?], but what do we do about elected officials that support Sharia law and a growing voting base that supports them, and Sharia too?