Two Odd Political Stories That Carry a Clintonian Style Connection….

ugly-bitch-hillary-clintonSometimes there are events that just create a weird spidey sense. Here’s a few oddly disconnected things that might possibly have an intersection in the 2016 election…

h/t DR

  • mauser 98
  • V10_Rob

    Substance to allegations are unnecessary, they just need to plant a kernel of doubt for a few weeks so the media can run it as headline news, and then drop it without explanation, correction or apology.

  • simus1

    The DemocRats seem to favour the upside down ploy by a wide margin when they reach into their character assassination bag of tricks. Perhaps because they are already covering up the full details of crimes by their own sinners and need only change the name to that of one of their enemies to closely mesh fact and fiction.