Trudeau’s climate drivel

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is entitled to his opinions on Canada’s lack of action in reducing industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to climate change.

But he’s not entitled to his facts.

Kicking off the debate that led to Canada’s ratification of the Paris climate treaty last week, Trudeau went to the Liberals’ default position on man-made global warming.

He blamed the Conservatives.

“We cannot undo the last 10 years of inaction,” he said.

In journalism, this is known as a statement that is accurate but not true.

  • ontario john

    I watched some environmental loon state that farmers can save money on the new carbon tax by buying new energy efficient combines. Yes, because farmers always have a couple hundred thousand dollars laying around the kitchen table. But then leftists in downtown Toronto remind us, that food comes from grocery stores not farms.

  • Dave

    Because the word canada is in this article, I imagine turdope is going to have us pay for this too.

  • Waffle

    Musical interlude;

  • Why doesn’t Mr. 1.4 million Inheritance from Daddy invest in “green” energy schemes if he thinks that they work?