Outrage as university considers BANNING ‘s***’ God Save The Queen over ‘far right claims’

THE ICONIC God Save The Queen could be banned by a university from its graduation ceremony because the anthem “has links to far right nationalism”.

Mahamed Abdullahi, from King’s College London Students’ Union said he wanted to scrap the national anthem because it’s “outdated” and “not reflective” of the global values.

Hmmm sounds like a Muslim name… but that would be Islamophobic!

  • Waffle

    We are not amused.

    • I bet it;s days like this the Queen wishes she could behead with impunity again.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    The headline is a bit misleading because it was just one idiot student wanting to scrap the national anthem; the university wasn’t considering it. But the student’s comments reflect the cognitive dissonance of so many of the no-borders types on the left today: he says “f*** the nation state”, but I doubt he has any plans to burn his British passport.

    • glasnost

      …cognitive dissonance…

      More like cognitive dysfunction. Cognitive dissonance implies at least a modicum of ability to reason.

  • pdxnag

    Fences are racist. Borders are racist. Monogamy is racist.

  • UCSPanther

    “God Save the King/Queen” is an old anthem that goes back a long ways in Britain. It will outlast political correctness, despite all effort.

  • Eventually multi-pane windows will be banned because of the shadows they cast.