Ontario Human Rights Commission – Standing on the bus makes you a racist

I’m not kidding. I bet they would allow a human rights complaint to be filed against you for standing on public transit as an example of your “Islamophobia”. Here’s the video.


And then there’s this monstrous example of OHRC hypocisy. Throughout this video Muslims are prominently featured as victims of “housing discrimination”.

Funny how that works only one way however… Muslims are allowed to discriminate with impunity.

Landlords face no punishment for discrimination in online ads

There’s a two bedroom basement apartment for rent in Toronto’s northwest end —one bathroom, newly painted and renovated with a side entrance. The ad, posted on popular classified site Kijiji.ca, comes with the typical caveats —no pets allowed, no smokers. And then, a less common request: Only Muslims need apply.

It’s the exact kind of specifications the Ontario Human Rights Commission recently warned landlords against putting in their online classified ads —any denial of a prospective tenant due to race, ethnic origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age and disability, among other things, is grounds for discrimination according to the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s housing policy and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

But for all its condemnation of the practice, the commission this week said they can’t police these online ads, that it’s out of their hands.

Video here.