Muslims cultists cut themselves and their children then bleed out in the streets in bizarre ritual

Screaming baby cries as a relative slices its head open with a kitchen knife as part of Islamic self-flagellation ceremony to mourn the death of the Prophet’s grandson 

Dad has fun slicing up son's head in order to gain stature in the eyes of fellow cult members

Dad has fun slicing up son’s head in order to gain stature in the eyes of fellow cult members

  • Dana Garcia

    Has an Ashura celebrant ever bled to death??

    (I can dream, can’t I?)

    • Kathy Prendergast

      I’m sure it happens often; also rampant infection of wounds and transmission of blood-borne diseases like hepatitis and AIDS. Can you imagine a mother sending off her little boy to the mosque with his father, to participate in something like this? One thing the article doesn’t mention is that this ritual is illegal in (I think) every Muslim country in the world, even Shiite-majority Iran, for these very reasons. But of course laws often mean nothing in most of these places. In India it’s been illegal since India became a nation but authorities in Muslim-majority areas tend to look the other way, to keep the Muslims happy. I guess they figure it’s better just to allow them to gratify their bloodlust by savaging themselves and their children, than to risk them attacking non-Muslims. They also want to keep the peace between Shiites and Sunnis, who have basically hated each other’s guts since the seventh century.

  • Clink9

    Turdo wants that guy here on the next plane.

  • passerby1969

    This is no more weird than Jewish circumcision.

    • Kathy Prendergast

      You seem to be unaware that Muslims practice circumcision too; all Muslim males undergo it, although usually not in infancy but later in childhood or early adolescence. And have you ever actually observed a Jewish bris, to compare it to a bloodbath like Ashura?

      • passerby1969

        No. I am very aware that ritual curcumcision is also practiced by Muslims. Any religious compulsion to permanently scar a child should be illegal. I’m just pointing out that it’s not only Muslims who irrationally maim their children.

        • Markon

          This comment simply shows you to be an anti-religious bigot, otherwise you would say “Any compulsion to permanently scar …”.

          Atheists aren’t exempt from abusing children. In fact atheists are among the most vile of anti-people groups.

          Let me guess, you voted for Trudeau and still don’t understand how stupid that was.

    • Fedupwithstupidity

      Yes, you moron, because circumcision is exactly the same as this bloody orgy. There is no moral equivalence obviously. If 1969 is the date of your birth, that explains a great deal about your intellectual deficiency. Smarten up!

      • passerby1969

        There is a complete moral equivalence.

    • Clink9

      Ok Mohamed.

  • Spatchcocked

    Yeah……I remember my own circumcision……Mom and Pop carrying me around our neighbourhood….everybody yelling and cheering…..women crying…everybody dipping their fingers in the blood seeping from my diaper and daubing it on their children’s heads…..shouting to the rooftops that Yahweh is the greatest……
    I have my foreskin framed and mounted in our living room… was the day I became a true Christian.

    Mathew Mark and Luke and John
    And all them prophets dead and gone
    Keep your hand on that plow…Hold On!

    • glasnost

      I have my foreskin framed and mounted in our living room… was the day I became a true Christian.

      Would that be 4X6 or 8X10?

    • passerby1969

      Actually, you come pretty close to describing a bris.

      • Minicapt

        Obviously yours was not shortened sufficiently. Do you still cry at night, hoping the foreskin-fairy will come and kiss it better?


  • mobuyus

    I would like to see the slitting of ones own throat as an initiation into this weirdo cult of Goat-rapists and child-abusers.

  • marty_p

    Time for my annual Ashura post:

  • xavier

    So Hilaire Belloc is right when he comments that Islam is harmonic convergence of heresies.

    So the Shias created the Flagaist movement that Europe temporarily succumbed to during the Black death.

    Yet the Shia hasn’t found an alternative that’s less barbarious

  • Editor

    Yeah, all cultures being equal according to the relativists, this is the cultural enrichment we need in North America.

  • Blacksmith

    What a sick fucking death cult, they always take advantage of the defenseless among them. They need to be ended.

  • Markon

    They should remain consistent with their knife skills and slice across the throat.