Muslim leader LOSES legal battle for £10million in damages from Donald Trump for his claim that parts of London are so radicalised that police officers fear for their lives


A Muslim political leader has lost a legal battle over Donald Trump’s claim that parts of London are so radicalised that police fear for their lives.

Kamran Malik, and his east London-based Communities United Party, was seeking £10 million damages against the would-be US President for allegedly defaming Muslims living in the Green Street and Romford Road area of Forest 392bcd3e00000578-3825625-image-m-15_14757744013051Gate.

In a bid to justify his comments last December that Muslims should be barred from entering the US, Mr Trump said parts of London and Paris were so ‘radicalised’ that police officers were scared.

…Mr Malik said that Mr Trump’s comments had the potential to affect the trust and confidence that Muslims in his part of London had built with non-Muslim friends and business partners.

…Mr Malik, who was not in court, was ordered to pay £35,000 costs and refused permission to appeal although he can re-apply to the Court of Appeal.

h/t Louise M.