Fighting cultural Marxism on college campuses

From Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media

Christianity emphasizes the value of logic and reason by providing an explanation for the miracle of science: Somehow, the human mind is capable of understanding the order behind nature. If human beings and their rational capacity only developed by chance in evolution and natural selection, there is no reason to assume that their minds were wired for truth.

Indeed, the cultural Marxist believes that our minds were wired for fitness, not for truth. People who do not, or choose not to, understand that can’t even understand, let alone explain, the irrationality of the current movements on campus. They are reduced to pointing out instances of the craziness. Lots of hits but no solutions.

Reality check: Put simply: The cultural Marxist (progressive) does not care that students are irrational, as long as that irrationality can be transformed into a funnel cloud to destroy whomever he wishes.

But if Christianity is true, people were made in the image of the very God whose words formed the universe. Their minds are made not merely for survival, but for a connection with ultimate reality.More.

Reality check: Christians can’t fight back very easily in a society in which progressives farm their dependents, with the result that non-progressives—traitors, essentially—are stripped of many civil liberties. The witless dependents who amuse themselves in the meantime were often raised in Catholic schools, probably schools where the religion teaching was simply social justice warrior propaganda that admits the possibility of a Catholic view of life being true, as long as it does not really dissent from progressivism.

The most Christians can do is organize among ourselves a fight for the survival of a tradition that accepts the reality of the mind, the classical tradition of philosophy, including natural philosophy (science).

The mot practical response right now is stop giving as  alumni and tell the U why:  I am not going to continue to fund a training camp for ignorant, angry cultural thugs. The government may one day force me to do that, but you cannot do so now. 

Consider, many donor development people may actually be sympathetic, but they cannot act without our support.

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