UN, West, Accused of Ignoring Plight of Syria’s Christians

The United Nations and Western nations including Britain have been accused of abandoning Syria’s Christians in the face of widespread persecution by Islamic State and their Muslim countrymen – even within refugee camps.
Last September Britain’s then Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to take 20,000 Syrians from refugee camps in the region to aid the humanitarian effort in response to the Syrian civil war.

But figures obtained from the Home Office through a freedom of information request lodged by Christian Today has now revealed that 97.5 per cent of the Syrian refugees brought to the UK under the government’s resettlement scheme so far are Muslims, whereas Christians account for fewer than two percent.

  • xavier

    Of course. Bringing the Syrian and Iraqi refugees to the wrst would deeply embarass the elites. The Mideast Christains would integrate quickly be an asset to the countries, enrich the host countries and so on. This in contrast to the Moslems.

    Face it the Mideast Christains are deplorables they don’t sing the hosannas about the Moslems and loathe them quite naturally

  • caliroxanne

    It only matters to the UN when there’s an opportunity to blame and bash Israel.