The Disinformation Campaign of Islam

Many people believe that the more you understand another culture or religion, the more you will appreciate it.

That seemed to be the assumption of a Massachusetts district court judge when he ordered the Reverend Daisy Obi, age 73, to learn about the Islamic faith as part of her probation. Reverend Obi was found guilty of pushing her Muslim tenant down a flight of stairs and was sentenced to 6 months in jail, and 18 months suspended provided she take a course on Islam.

  • eMan14

    I find that the more I know about Islam, the more I hate it. The people who don’t know anything about Islam are the one’s most gullible to believe that Islam is like any other religion.
    Islamophobia… what a concept. More like Islamofauxbia. Many of the so called examples people and media use are often unsubstantiated reports. Pre-judged to be examples even though no facts have been verified. Or entirely made up.
    Like the case of the Peterborough Mosque arson. Or the burka wearing women attacked in a residential area. No proof, no witnesses, no leads.
    Yet these will go down as verifiable proof Islamophobia exists. That the incidents of Islamophobia are increasing dramatically.
    Forget the fact that it might be ok to be concerned, if not afraid, of culturally enriching customs like honour killings, beheadings, stonings, female genital mutilation, knifings, bombings, rapes, and God knows what else.
    Why shouldn’t we be fearful of those things?

    • V10_Rob

      Exactly. Many of us were willing to accept the ‘tiny minority who had perverted their faith’ narrative a decade ago. Having had many years to become more familiar with islam since then, we can see that our concerns are valid and justified, and not irrational xenophobia.

  • simus1

    Judge Yee seems to really know his stuff. Perhaps he could have spent some time explaining why the American elites and others across the west are so anxious to import hordes of the fakeyest refugees and most potentially violent lawbreakers in the world and what function they will be serving in our countries once they are “up to speed”.

  • caliroxanne