That sounds like a civil war France… 15,000 potential Muslim terrorist threats identified

Note – Google translate.

In the war against terrorism, the French police and intelligence services are targeting about 15,000 individuals who may pose a threat. While opinion and most politicians focus on the famous S sheets, they are identified in a newer database and far less known: File alerts for the prevention of terrorist nature radicalization (FSPRT ). Established in March 2015 by a confidential decree, it lists French radical Islamists or residents in our area that are reported and tracked.

Of these, 4,000 are the “high end”, according to a police official, that is to say the most likely to take action, and that the Directorate officials General of internal security (RPS) follow closely, as an “operational objectives”. A number of suspects roughly equivalent deemed less dangerous are monitored by the Central Territorial Intelligence (SCRT). The rest of the people listed in the file is for the PJ, the Parisian cops and intelligence.

  • Exile1981

    That means there are more known islamic terrorists in france than police. Now add in the co-religiousts that would support those 15000 troops and you have an army and its support base.

    • Observer

      Do you think the Inspector Clouseaus found all of them?

      • Exile1981

        Nope I think those are the ones who were so obvious the cops couldn’t miss them.

  • simus1

    That suggests the French government is both incapable and incompetent. The resources required to successfully put the 500 considered to be most dangerous terrorists (3% ) of the 15k known suspects through the entire criminal justice system would be enormous.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    What if they had a civil war in France and nobody from the government showed up?

    • xavier

      Victory? Because the ordinary French would be able to kill the scum with no bureaucratic interference or the clercs clutching their pearls fainting while talking like Moliėre.

      It’d be like a St Bartholemew massacre through private initiative

      That’s what the Moslem underestimate. They think they’ll conquer France only to find out that the French can be very resourceful in their viciousness