That sounds like a civil war France… 15,000 potential Muslim terrorist threats identified

Note – Google translate.

In the war against terrorism, the French police and intelligence services are targeting about 15,000 individuals who may pose a threat. While opinion and most politicians focus on the famous S sheets, they are identified in a newer database and far less known: File alerts for the prevention of terrorist nature radicalization (FSPRT ). Established in March 2015 by a confidential decree, it lists French radical Islamists or residents in our area that are reported and tracked.

Of these, 4,000 are the “high end”, according to a police official, that is to say the most likely to take action, and that the Directorate officials General of internal security (RPS) follow closely, as an “operational objectives”. A number of suspects roughly equivalent deemed less dangerous are monitored by the Central Territorial Intelligence (SCRT). The rest of the people listed in the file is for the PJ, the Parisian cops and intelligence.