Sam Harris: Robert Spencer “so fully stigmatized…you just don’t actually know who you’re talking to”

“This exchange between Sam Harris and Gad Saad raises important issues regarding “Islamophobia” smear propaganda and its effectiveness even among people who are its subjects and should not be susceptible to it. This excerpt comes from the Harris/Saad conversation, “The Frontiers of Political Correctness,” which you can hear in its entirety here. This excerpt starts at the 35 minute mark. As will quickly become clear, the “someone” to whom he is referring in the first line is me…”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Sam Harris is like Christopher Hitchins and Richard Dawkins. So intensely hidebound to their own ideology that everything else is an existential threat.

  • Sam Harris shot himself in the foot.

  • Dana Garcia

    Lefties are good at stigmatizing.