Retired refugee board judge calls on citizenship fraudster Monsef to release papers

The Maryam Monsef scandal gets more serious with each passing day.

Monsef’s office declined an interview with the Toronto Sun, but for each day she remains silent, the case against her continues to mount.

The latest call for a full investigation into Monsef’s case is from Lloyd Fournier, a retired adjudicator from the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).

  • Ron MacDonald

    Should Trudeau do nothing, every individual deported under similar circumstances should demand their Canadian citizenship be returned.

    • Trudeau fully intends to break the law by amending it to ensure Monsef gets a pass.

      • Ron MacDonald

        He won’t be able to ignore hundreds of former deportees demanding similar treatment.

      • Reader

        Team Trudeau got their election tactics and agenda from Team Obama, so what do you expect?

        • Observer

          Trudeau is already reducing the time for citizenship to only 1 year and making citizenship unrevokable even for terrorists!

          Your “Team Trudeau” are nothing but traitors to Canada!

        • WalterBannon

          Trudeau is a fascist who admires totalitarian dictatorships

      • Don’t forget who his brother supports.

    • WalterBannon

      Should Trudeau do nothing, he should be arrested for treason and as an accessory to the crime, and be deported along with her.

  • Reader

    What better sums up the Liberal agenda than appointing her to the government Cabinet as the Minister of Democratic Institutions in charge of rewriting how our future elections will be run for all Canadians?

  • Linda1000

    About bloody time someone starts looking at this case. Canadians voted for the f**kwit little asshat dictator in Ottawa because of his family name, so now he thinks he can do as he pleases changing laws, imposing new taxes and anything else he determines for the country. I don’t think I’ve ever been so disgusted with such an unqualified Canadian PM. What about the people who voted for Monsef to be an MP in the last election, is it a majority muslim riding or voting block in Ontario?

    • canminuteman

      To be fair, Trudeau did mention during the campaign that he intended to bring in a carbon tax. I imagine that people were to mesmerized by his pretty face to notice.

      • H

        People need to hurt from the taxes and out of control spending – in their own pocket books – for them to start to care. But even then, will they associate the wonderful Liberals and their policies with that discomfort? Look at how long it’s taken Ontarians to start to finally think they’re outrageous electricity bills might, just might, have something to do with the Liberals’ “green” energy. It’s hard to be optimistic about this country’s future.

      • Linda1000

        Well, Nutley in AB ran on the same issue of an NDP carbon tax and she won. Go figure. Now I think the province has voter remorse.

        • Dave

          I may be wrong, but I’m thinking the ndp won because of all the parasites from east of manitoba who came to alberta to siphon off good money from the oil sands then f*ck it up up for everyone else. It seems to be their M.O.
          Leftist bastards!

    • Waffle

      Linda, there was a lot of hanky-panky in this last election. In my riding (the former finance minister’s), although the Conservative vote came out and even increased slightly, 7,000 brand new Liberal voters dominated. Extremely aggressive operatives were on the ground running as soon as the writ was dropped. How many of the new Liberal voters were qualified? Who knows? Verification was non-existent.

      • Linda1000

        Agree but I get frustrated that the corrupt swamps of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes control federal elections in Canada. The new Liberal voters are checking off whoever they are told to select on the ballot. The Conservative party is just as guilty for allowing so many new voters into the country also. Nothing will change in the next election either and Trudeau will win a second term and it seems like his younger fans just don’t care as long as he legalizes pot.

        • Waffle

          I used to be a fighter, but I’m too old now and fighting is hard work. I simply don’t have the energy to fight against a machine that is so rigged, the only solution is to tear it down completely. And yes, Conservatives have let us down again. Brings back memories of the Mulroney years.

          I was at his victory party when he won his historic majority. I can still feel the excitement and relief (of finally defeating Trudeau) after all these years. But scarcely 3 months later, many of us were wondering what on earth we had done. By 1988 I was heavily engaged in a very public battle that affected the resource business, the life blood of our economy.

          But that’s all in the past. Now, I am trying to let go of the anger I feel over the disastrous non-campaign last year that resulted in the loss of a lot of good parliamentarians. They weren’t perfect, but most of them were decent, ethical people. However, as I said, I’ve lost my “fight” and I don’t have the energy to call out the narcissistic, lazy a-holes who run my riding association.

          • Linda1000

            I don’t fight against the rigged machine anymore either but I do like to “whine” and complain on the BCF forum. I think Albertans in general are a little paranoid of another Trudeau dynasty because of the past history of the NEP program in the early ’80s. Since the beginning of 2015 about 200,000 jobs have been lost in Alberta because of the downturn in the oil and gas industry and that’s a huge loss because the total population of AB is only about 4 million. So far, this seems like it’s being dismissed by Ottawa. On top of that, most of our increase in population has been from the nonstop, largely unemployable federal refugee program for our non-existent service jobs.

  • Luke Hanford

    If the vetting process for an MP can be this Poor,what can we expect from the rest of the scourge entering the country.

  • xavier

    Given the seriousness of the revelations, any Canadian citizen has judicial standing to slap both a mandamus against the govt to investigate the citizenship process a qup warranto to find out on whose authourity the citizenship was granted judicial review of the decision and freedon of info application for the documents

    If I were a lawyer, i’d rub my hands at the fees for this round of lawfare. I don’t think Selfoe stock and his buddies should get away with this. I won’t have Canada turned into a passport of convenience country

  • Gary

    Note how the Gay community is silent over a iranni MP from a nation that boasts about murdering 4000+ homosexuals and still stones women and sanction child-bride pedophilia .

    Wow, thank god Justin is a Feminist and supports the LFBTQ2 community.