October declared Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario

This should be a cause for outrage across Canada, and it is, but that outrage is not widespread enough. Email forwards are already buzzing with disapproval. Why are Muslims getting special treatment above every other religious group? Why is Hinduism not being recognized with a Hindu heritage month? What about Buddhism? Judaism? Christianity? Sikhism? Toaism? Shintoism? Jainism? Cheondoism? Hedonism? Atheism? What makes Islam more special or more foundational to Canada’s heritage than any other religion or belief system?

  • DMB

    Islamic Heritage will still not be given high status the Liberal elite compared to Pride week/month and the parades which is still the top cultural festivity for them. It wasn’t that long when the Caribbean parade was heavily promoted by them until they got bored with it. I say let Islamic Heritage Month which I sure they will eventually have their own parade just like in New York City be held at the same time as Toronto’s Pride Parade and let’s watch the vibrant cultural interaction between these two communities occur. Whatever it takes to destroy the Liberal narrative is needed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P32gYKQhJqo

    • They should have them end simultaneously at Dundas Square.

    • Alain

      I have to disagree since all Muslim discrimination against “gays”, even for calling for killing them and actually killing them, continues to get a pass. I also note how there has not been a single successful case of discrimination of “gays” by Muslims. Muslim barber gets a pass and no Muslim baker (assuming they exist) will ever be asked to bake a SSM wedding cake. The list is endless. So right now Muslims are the favoured “victim group”, even above the homosexuals.

      • DMB

        Good point!

  • Jay Currie

    Well why wouldn’t Ontario celebrate 1400 years of murder, misogyny and homophobia?

    I mean you had Orange Parades until the 70s.

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    ‘Why are Muslims getting special treatment above every other religious group? ‘

    Because Muslims are the only religious group that commits murder across the globe on a daily basis.
    So they and their ‘religion’ must be normalized and given legitimacy at every opportunity, lest anyone become leery of the Muslim folks down the street, or the Muslims down the hall, or the Muslims at work, or the Muslims who hold public office, or the Muslims that people encounter in general public encounters.

    I for one refuse to have any respect for the Death Cult of Islam.
    I’ll go to jail before I ever say anything nice about an ideology with a near-1400 year record of intolerance and conquest.

    Fuck Islam, Fuck Moohamhead, Fuck Allah, and piss on the dirty Quran!

    • P_F

      “Fuck Islam, Fuck Moohamhead, Fuck Allah, and piss on the dirty Quran!”

      If all display this attitude the liberals & their multiculti will be truly fucked.

  • ismiselemeas

    I’m looking forward to islamic history month, especially on Twitter. It’s an almost bottomless well of comedic potential. Every month should be islamic history month. The more people learn the more educated they become.

  • Exile1981

    Everyday of the month could include a listing of the people killed by muslims that year. ie list all those killed by muslims in 2015 on october 1st. in october 2nd list the dead from 2014 etc.

  • ontario john

    But please remember, The Toronto Star and that Osgood law professor has instructed us that islam does not have a race problem.