Mob attempts to burn policemen to death in Paris Banilieu – 2 seriously injured

“[A group of] fifteen people attacked the police cars at around 1500 hours,” a representative of the police officers’ union told BFM TV. “Stones were thrown, preventing the police from leaving their vehicles while they were targeted by Molotov cocktails.”

“The burns were so severe that the two officers had to be treated onsite before being taken to a hospital. One of the officers had burns on over 30 percent of their hands. Other officers who arrived as reinforcements in a second car were also pelted with Molotov cocktails,” added the spokesperson.

The officers who were initially targeted, a 28-year-old man and 39-year-old woman, were monitoring a CCTV camera recently installed on a crossroads known as the “Bakehouse,” named after a local bakery, when they were set upon by a mob of about 15 people. The injured officers were taken to hospital, while the occupants of the second car sustained minor injuries.

This occurred in La Grande Borne

Built as a 1960s social utopia with winding coloured buildings it was intended to become an ideal dormitory town. In fact, with 11,000 inhabitants, it has become a by-word for poverty, drug dealing, arms trafficking, youth criminality and attacks on police, as well as arson attacks on public buildings.[2]

Malek Boutih, Socialist MP for the area has called it, “One of the most difficult estates in France” […] “It has a big black population, who are often people who can’t find housing even when they’re working. There’s at least 40% unemployment, broken families, a high level of violence and decomposition. It’s not so much poverty that leads to it, it’s the decay of social order. There is extreme societal misery, but it’s the fact that it has just been abandoned by the state.”

Notable resident: Amedy Coulibaly, Islamist main suspect for the Montrouge shooting, and hostage-taker and gunman in the Porte de Vincennes hostage crisis

  • Arm Christians.

  • Millie_Woods

    We’re not helping these people by bringing them here and forcing them to realize just how far down the evolutionary scale they really are. It’s only breeding resentment and feeding the social ills that go along with that. Send them back to where their roots are. Strong family and cultural ties, familiar faces and customs etc. It’s important to be in a place where you feel you belong.

  • Nuke it from orbit.

    • There are about 720 such sites in France that need a nuking as I recall, they have literally lost control of their own streets and an insurgent nation has risen in their midst.

      • full disclosure

        We don’t want to wreck the whole place do we? M.O.A.Bs might be able to do the trick.

  • Martin B

    Surprise surprise, build a social utopia, fill it with Mohammedans, get a social nightmare.

  • simus1

    People in the act of throwing molotov cocktails at police should be sprayed with bullets directed in their general direction as a “warning”. No mention of terrorists being shot so presumably these police “chose” to be unarmed?

    • B__2

      Wrong. People attacking police with molotov cocktails are attempting murder with a deadly weapon. Just like shooting at police with a gun. Police are entitled to respond with deadly force and entitled to shoot the offender to stop the attempted murder. Police must target only the thrower instead of spraying bullets at a crowd, which would be unjustifiable use of deadly force by police.

      Would you prefer to be shot or would you prefer to be doused with gasoline and set alight?

      • simus1

        Never kill the stupidest goat in the raging mob first – Sun Tzu.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    I look forward to the day when France ceases to exist. The entire nation is a shithole resembling the Third World more and more every day. The food is shit. The wine is shit. The country is eroding and falling apart. Pure f–king shit.

    • Alain

      I think it would be a loss in spite of everything, and I disagree about the food and wine being shit. It all depends on where one eats and the best food and wine won’t be found in Paris nor any tourist place. In fact the best wines are usually local and not found elsewhere in France just as the best food.

      • Etobicoke_Gladiator

        I have no idea what you mean by “in spite of everything”. Ah, maybe you mean in spite of France’s letting in millions and millions of Muslims, in spite of a country less and less French as the years go by, in spite of the increasing Third World population within its borders, in spite of the wretched socialism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Americanism common among the French elite and non-elite alike? They can take their “food” and “wine” and shove it. And I have had family in that wretched shithole of a nation for over a century. Still do, in fact.

        And I will celebrate with good wine when the civil war starts and it damn well won’t be French.

        • Alain

          I mean in spite of their government betraying them by importing millions of Muslims just as every government in the West is also doing. Also Islam’s expansion needs to be stopped and in fact pushed back, not expanded. Every time another civilised culture is replaced by Islam, it is not good for anyone.

          • Etobicoke_Gladiator

            I’m glad I am almost 50 since the future looks grim for the west. As for Europe, I wouldn’t step foot there ever again even if it was a free vacation and I was paid to go.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Wall off the banlieus and starve the inhabitants out.

  • k1962

    That would be the time for live ammunition. Shoot the bastards dead and only then would the ummah show some respect towards the police.