Islamic Heritage Month – Casablanca: the shocking images of the assault on a Dutch family

A Dutch mother and two children visiting Casablanca were attacked near the Hassan II Mosque, Tuesday, October 4. This video taken by a witness at the scene emphasizes the violence of the assault.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’m shocked, shocked that tourists are assaulted there.

  • xavier

    Boycott and let it prosper like Egypt’s right now

  • caliroxanne

    I find myself saying the same thing time and time again: When are these stupid, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous Europeans going to learn? No sympathy for these dolts! If you go to a Muslim country, you deserve what happens to you. I have no doubt that these fools were among the many Dutch screaming about Geert Wilders being a racist Islamophobe. The sad thing is that this won’t change a thing. In fact, to prove their Islamophilic bona fides, when back in NL, they’ll no doubt double down on their support of the Muslim invasion taking place in NL and europe.

  • DMB

    Stupid non Muslim westerners going to a Muslim country visiting of all places a Mosque. Sorry but these people have to learn the hard way. She was lucky she wasn’t raped or murdered along with her children. If some good will come of this she will go back home and tell people about her experience preventing other foolish people of traveling to these countries and warning them of the dangers of Islam.

  • Abandon Islam

    Muslims will be muslims and islam will always be a fascist ideology.