ISIS Already Is Here

If this article by Adm. James Lyons (USN, ret) is correct, and I believe it is, ISIS will start to stage attacks on US home territory. 9/11/01 was one example of a Jihadist attack, backed by the same Sunni Wahhabi forces that has now declared that ISIS is conducting Islamic warfare following the “proper” war theology, including suicide-murders, genocide against civilians, horrific abuse of women and children, etc., all for the sake of Allah. Admiral Lyons has claimed high-level government penetration by Jihadists for years. Earlier this year the European Union was incapable of resisting a tide of Jihadi “Syrian refugees,” aided and abetted by Turkey’s neo-Ottoman Jihadist, Recip Erdogan.

  • Alain

    High-level government penetration by the enemy began about eight years ago, and there is no higher level than the president. Now it is far more wide-spread throughout the government, including politicians, at least one judge and elsewhere. The Muslims are copying the success of the communists years ago.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Of course. The Hillary regime is hoping for it. The Permanent Emergency.