Iraqi Man Kills Pregnant Wife for Refusing to Cook for Him

An Iraqi man has been arrested on suspicion of killing his wife, to which he later admitted, after she refused to cook for him.

Ali Alzougeibi, the head of police in Babylon province, said that the suspect killed his 17-year-old wife, who was pregnant, a few months after they got married.

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  • BillyHW

    Hillary Clinton wants open borders with these people. But then again Donald Trump said mean things once. Tough call.

    • Linda1000

      So, what’s a guy supposed to do if a girl doesn’t want to bake cookies for him? You did state that women should be in the kitchen baking cookies and not allowed to vote right? Maybe Shrillary wants more male voters in the U.S. since most of the “migrants” seem to be male? 🙂

  • Shebel

    Some day – I would like to experience the ‘Peace and Love’ of Islam.
    Without— them Killing me , enslaving me , fucking me , extorting me—-
    Aww well — I am just a Dreamer .

    • eMan14


  • Alain

    Meanwhile back in the West, feminists complain of oppression by white men; you know all those latent male rapists.

    • eMan14

      God forbid we white guys say something mean. It’s worse than the real thing right?

  • caliroxanne

    I’m confused. Here is a wife/slave who is killed for not cooking for him, but this other Muslim piece of trash in Brooklyn killed his slave for cooking the wrong meal:

    Not that I care about Muslims killing other Muslims, but damned if you do cook, damned if you don’t.