Interview with Majid Oukacha

majid-oukacha“…My goal is to warn the French people. The day when France will be a Muslim country, it will be almost impossible to back out…. Wherever there is Islam, there are only conflicts of cultures, women who feel guilty for being attractive and who are infantilized and abused; and above all, a continual extinction of creativity and imagination.”

“A majority of French Muslims may well declare themselves peaceful, but Islam is the cultural common denominator of all the Frenchmen who have told me that the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists murdered during the massacre of January 7, 2015, “had it coming to them.”

  • ontario john

    Here in sunny ways Ontario, we celebrate the Islamic takeover. Happy Islamic Heritage Month everyone!

  • Because few take a critical eye to Islam, there can be no overwhelming response to its influence in a secular Western country. Simply turning one’s nose at a religion and dismissing it as nonsense is intellectually and morally lazy. One may not believe in Judaism or Christianity but is one perfectly willing to remove every vestige of it from Western life (save militant atheists, of course)? These religions have undergone some reform and can adapt to modern life as much as possible. Can one say the same about Islam?

    • infedel

      No;but the goal is take down Western Culture for a nwo and islam/tolerance/multiculti/no borders/no nations are the tools.

      • Bingo.

        I will find solace in that leftists will be burned doubly by this.

  • infedel

    From the 09.20.16 link in this article:

    “According to their speeches, the Islamists indeed have set
    themselves the goal of conquering and ruling the entire world. If they
    manage to do it, they will owe their success not to their intellectual
    power or their faith, even less to their military force, but to their
    adversaries’ cowardice.” — Waleed Al-Husseini.

    Exactly. Fear not being called a name. Islam must be banned as a fake theocratic but very totalitarian doctrine of conquest….we have laws on the books for sedition…islam is no religion; and we can fight their 1400 years of conquest and win….also ban their nwo,ngo,sjw enablers.