Hey! Little Potato! China wages war to destroy Christianity

idiot-trudeauCHRISTIANS in China are fighting back as the Chinese authorities continue to wage a violent war on religion.

and last week released a new set of regulations to come into effect next month.

With Christians banned from travelling abroad for religious purposes, strict restrictions on house churches and a series of raids on pastors, an increasing number of believers have been put behind bars.

But furious Christians are fighting back turning the very strict rules imposed by the authorities back on them. 

  • Raymond Hietapakka
  • Reader

    Here’s the CBC on Trudeau praising China’s dictatorship.

  • ontario john

    You really don’t think that Little Justin gives a shit about Christians do you? He loves fascist China and Islam. Case closed. And he is on another selfie tour through southern Ontario this weekend. He is racking up quite the travel bill.

  • Kat

    Christians are under more persecution in North America than most people realize. The media rarely covers it.

  • DMB

    China is turning Christianity into a “forbidden fruit”. The more it persecutes it the more alluring it becomes. If they really wanted to destroy Christianity they should have followed western Europe’s model since they have been more successful at destroying Christianity then China which will only have the opposite effect.

  • He doesn’t care. Just like his dad did.

    China’s human rights abuses are well-known. China sends back or abuses North Korean women.

    Trudeau and his voters are happy with this.

  • Oracle9

    Little Potato is in league with every leftist or Islamic group which would destroy Christianity, proven by his words and actions.

    • infedel

      Christianity will not die as iti is in the veins of Western Culture…islam will die as we have pushed it back for 1400 years and even if their oil, money tires to buy the West,we gave them the money and can take it back.. islam will fail as their totalitarian doctrine is against our Western values…and our iq and tech and morals are superior.

      • shasta

        A cursory examination of evidence for your theory finds very little evidence.

        • infedel

          Gates of Vienna and the modern tech world.

      • diaspora

        …. far far far superior! Furthermore, we have a responsibility to impose our values on all Muslims living in the US, i.e. it should be considered a major crime if an American Muslim circumcises his/her daughter – also called female genital mutilation, or FGM!