Germany: #Chemnitz on lockdown as armed police surround blocks of flats amid reports of a ‘threat’

Latest – German police desperately search for Syrian refugee, Jaber Albakr 22, who was ‘plotting bomb attack on airport’ after surveillance officers ‘let him slip through their fingers’ – as residents are evacuated to safety

Update: Focus of Chemnitz police action was a Syrian refugee with plans to attack airport

As FOCUS Online learned from security sources, is the focus of the bulk insert in Chemnitz man called Jabir A .. The suspect was under surveillance by the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection for some time in Cologne.He is suspected of plotting a bomb attack on a German airport.

 A. was apparently last year as Syrian entered refugees to Germany.


Officers are surrounding a home in Chemnitz and the force tweeted: ‘At the moment we have a static threat situation in the Fritz-Heckert area in Chemnitz, C0810 and with strong forces on the ground.’

Residents have been ordered to remain indoors.

Twitter – #Chemnitz

Chemnitz: German city on lockdown as armed police launch operation against terror plot