Ferguson Effect: Chicago Cop Gets Savagely Beaten After Hesitating to Use Gun

A Chicago police officer, who knew she needed to shoot a violent assailant high on PCP but didn’t because she feared a backlash, is now recovering in a hospital after the savage beating that ensued.

  • BillyHW

    But of course this was going to happen.

    I hope she makes it and that savage motherfucker finds a way to die, woman should know their place, and the squad car and voting booth are not it.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Nonsense. Everybody knows that ladies belong in the cops and the military. Just look at Star Trek./sarc

  • B__2

    You should be able to understand the line of thought of the policewoman:
    “If I do nothing and take this beating, I might survive even if I end up with lifelong residual injuries; if I shoot this man, me and my family will probably be looking over our shoulders all our lives waiting for a BLM supporter to kill, maim or rape us in revenge. Therefore I choose to do nothing instead of living in fear, and my family living in fear, and having my career destroyed because I lawfully shot a man.”

    • Alain

      Prior to affirmative action this type of thing was pretty much unheard of. Of course policement had to have the size and strength in order to qualify for the job, the same as firement, prison guards and the military. Now with watered down entry requirements for “target groups”, you have those like this woman who without using a weapon can do nothing.

  • Oh, this bodes well for everyone.

  • Shebel

    The Cops are afraid to fight back —
    The Politicians are afraid to have integrity —
    Maybe the COPS should just enforce the Law for White People.
    Maybe the Politicians should just make rules and Laws for White People.

    It is becoming a Free for All.

    • full disclosure

      I think (opinion) that the cops could go after the politicians.

    • Jabberwokk

      Well yeah. Without an objectice moral system that applies to everyone equally regardless of race, status, or condition this is what subjectivity will inevitably devolve into.

      This is what society wanted and now it’s got it. The false assumption was that people have universal values inherently and that we can therefore over time follow a rational sensible law. Anyone who disagrees must be thinking wrong and can be labeled uneducated or suffering from a mental issue. In addition to that people fail to realize that the law has no power to follow it and therefore must be enforced. One way is the Christian morality that teaches men to right the law “in there hearts”. But this has been usurped In which case a nietzchean morality of power is applied. This ends up being whoever has the biggest stick wins. And the West mistakenly thought because of their reason and their technology it was safely there’s. The Barbarian laughs at such foolishness as he has brought down every empire who ever thought itself too tall.

  • DMB

    Chicago is going to need a wall to close off its black neighborhood were the majority of lawlessness is occurring.

  • simus1

    It’s Chicago.

    If she is brain damaged the “Mayor” will see to it that swift promotions follow and she will get the “hero” of the year medal for not wasting a bunch of filth trying to kill her.