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BOMBSHELL: Boxes of Hillary Clinton’s emails have gone missing

Fox News reports that newly released interviews from the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s email scandal have revealed that at least 2 boxes of printed emails from Hillary have completely gone missing.

They’ve also learned that a senior State Department official pressured his staff to change the classification of Hillary emails to keep them from being subject to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests.


5 things on new U.N. chief’s long to do list as he ‘inherits big mess’

The newly appointed secretary general of the United Nations has no army to exert his influence, but he has one of the world’s most powerful bully pulpits to accomplish his goal of ending conflicts and easing suffering around the world.

Antonio Guterres, former Portuguese prime minister and U.N. refugee commissioner, has a reputation for blunt talk to world leaders, and now he’ll have the stature to marshal global public opinion to his side, said Peter Yeo, president of Better World Campaign, which promotes strong relations between the United States and U.N.

As the world’s premier diplomat, his job will be “getting parties together that otherwise won’t talk to each other,” Yeo said.

Or he could: remove sanctions against Israel – address Christian genocide – condemn Islamic terrorism  – halt the immigrant invasion of Europe – disband the UN. The world would be a better place.


Conservatives call out ‘liberal, biased outlets’ thinly disguised as nonprofit journalism

As newspapers fold and reporters are laid off, nonprofit journalism websites funded by foundations have moved in to fill the void with the kind of investigative coverage many news outlets no longer can afford.

The problem, say conservatives, is that some of those nonprofit sites act less as objective purveyors of news than as disseminators of liberal propaganda, funded by foundations with a left-of-center agenda, especially on environmental issues.


US schoolchildren prefer teachers of colour regardless of their own race or ethnicity

“Minority teachers may be perceived more favorably by minority students because they can serve as role models and are particularly sensitive to the cultural needs of their students,” wrote study co-author Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng, assistant professor at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

“However, in our study, we were surprised to find that minority teachers are not just viewed more highly than white teachers by minority students, but in many cases by white students as well.”

Note: See article just above this one.


Muslim and Christian make new Quran translation to show the two religions’ similarities

Safi Kaskas, the Muslim co-author of the new book, said in a statement: “Most of the tension that exists in the West in the post-9/11 era is because Christians fear Muslims and their book, the Quran.

“This new translation was designed to be a tool of reconciliation between Muslims and the followers of other Abrahamic religions.

Note: See article two above this one.


How climate change could erode our national security:

Here is how military planners see this issue: We know that the climate is changing, we know why it’s changing and we understand that change will have large impacts on our national security. Yet as a nation we still only begrudgingly take precautions.

The Obama administration recently announced several actions that create a framework for addressing climate-driven security threats.

But much of the hard work lies ahead – assuming that our next president understands the risks and chooses to act on them.

Note: See article three above this one.


‘Christians are Untouchables! They Are Meant for Cleaning Our Houses’

Despite the U.S. government’s acknowledgement that ISIS is committing genocide against Christians in in Iraq and Syria, statistics showed the number of refugees the Obama administration has welcomed since the start of 2015 is far skewed in favor of Muslim refugees: Syria: 5,435 Muslims; 28 Christians; Iraq: 11,086 Muslims; 433 Christians.

As for the mainstream media, they covered if not obsessed over the death of a gorilla six times more than the Muslim slaughter of Christians for their faith.


Major Sci-Fi Publisher Won’t Accept Story Submissions Based On European Culture

Do you have a super-awesome sword-and-sorcery fantasy story that you’ve been working on for years and just need to find a publisher for it? Or maybe a sweet urban fantasy novella involving vampire hunters and werewolves and other supernatural phenomena?

If those stories involve white characters of possible European descent, sci-fi/fantasy publisher Tor doesn’t want it. Their editors don’t even have to look at it – they already know they won’t accept it.


Tennessee: Another parent finds Islamic indoctrination in curriculum

A Sullivan County mother, upset about the way Islam is taught in her child’s school took her concerns to the board of education Monday night.

“It is time as parents, teachers, and administrators we stand up and take back our families, our schools, and our country,” Edmisten said.


Muslim student CUTS THROAT of female student, gets put in chokehold by heroic Canadian boy

Engineering student Adam Casey saved the day by putting the Saudi in a headlock. According to CTV, Casey ran up the stairs when people came out of the Salish House residence on Tuesday looking for help. The victim’s neck was partially cut when witnesses ran through the open door.

“I tried to get his hands off of her neck but he was holding quite tightly,” Casey said. “I had to go to him and put him in a chokehold.”


  • The 5 pillars of Islam.
    2. Pedophilia
    3. Civilization Jihad
    4. Subjugation of women
    5. Persecution of Christians and Jews

  • V10_Rob

    Re. UBC knife attack

    Why do I get the feeling that this will be memory-holed as fast as the MSM can make everyone forget about it. And that feminists will omit it from any discussion about violence-against-women on campus.

    • tom_billesley

      The media will try to spin this as a nothing-to-do-with-islam unrequited love thing, and not sudden jihad syndrome.

    • Exile1981

      He was just enraged because her hair was uncovered.

  • xavier

    Adam kudos for your valour. That other men follow you!

    As for Tor well there’s always Baen and Callista house in English.
    And of yeah Amazon and Smashbooks too

  • tom_billesley

    New Quran translation to show the two religions’ similarities.
    This new translation was designed to be a tool of reconciliation deception

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    ‘‘Christians are Untouchables! They Are Meant for Cleaning Our Houses’’

    If the Christians are dirty and ‘untouchable’ why would the Muslims want the dirty Christians touching their property while they clean it?!?!

    Centuries of inbreeding, coupled with religious indoctrination, has clearly taken a toll on the Muslim brain’s ability to apply even the most basic of logic.

  • moraywatson

    Existing quran: Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.
    New girlfriend quran: Cookies are nice with milk.

  • tom_billesley

    Airport security threat in Britain.
    ISIS flag ‘found stitched inside baggage handler’s glove’

  • Linda1000

    UBC Knife Attack:
    Another few seconds and the girl would have been dead before the police arrived on the scene. She was so lucky a guy like Adam who knew how to fight or had martial arts training was there to save her.
    The next student won’t be so lucky and there will be a repeat of this kind of attack. This is a glaring example of why we need concealed or open carry in Canada.
    or knifed by Saudis

    • Maggat

      I do agree with you on this, however, not a snowballs chance in hell here in Canada. Pity, in coming years with our current immigration plans we’ll need it.

      • Exile1981

        All it would take would be a premier willing to make generous use of the not-withstanding clause.

        • Linda1000

          Currently, Brad Wall is the only premier with enough common sense to entertain that idea.

  • Observer

    Antonio Guterres is a commie who demanded western countries not only ante up billions of dollars more for, but to also take in millions more “refugees” while claiming there are 65 million refugees worldwide.