Taliban ‘True Men’ Video: West Using Superman, James Bond to Conquer Islam

A new training video from the Taliban bemoans the danger of cartoons, Superman and James Bond turning Afghan Muslims into American “sheep,” and warns the West that their jihad will extend to “your homes, your capitals, your countries.”

  • ontario john

    The National Post is reporting that Cdn. troops will probably go to the Central African Republic, where troops will protect muslims from the evil Christians there. Well, here we go, with Cdn. troops being killed off so dickhead can get his security seat at the UN. It will make a great selfie.

    • CAR is a mess, UN troops there are being accused of rape among other crimes. Figures the asshole would choose CAR.

    • DMB

      If that does occur they should all go AWOL in protest.

  • bob e

    Good luck in Afghanistan. What a shithole. Doesn’t anyone get it yet ??