Stéphane Dion’s thumbs-down gesture upsets mother of abducted kids: ‘I felt truly disrespected and dishonoured’


Liberal Party Ass

OTTAWA – A B.C. woman whose four children were abducted by her ex-husband to Iran says she was shocked to see Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion make a dismissive thumbs-down gesture when her ordeal came up in the House of Commons.

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  • Waffle

    Obviously lost in translation. But then again, Dion is bilingual, so which side of his mouth . . . oops, sorry, which hand? left or right is he speaking with. Not only is Dion bilingual, his parliamentary secretary is well-versed in taqiya. And who says the kids are Canadian. They now have Iranian birth certificates:

  • ntt1

    Expose the pathetic little twerp. He was roundly rejected by Canadians for a stunning lack of morality and principle, that ,while discrediting him as prime ministerial , seems to have reinforced his value as a liberal spear carrier.

  • Miss Trixie

    Because a stupid woman married a tard eventually means that the children will pay for her stupid mistake.

    I pray that these little ones can come home again, safe, sound and undamaged.


    • tom_billesley

      The two oldest children are girls. Aged 11 and 9, they’ll be married off soon

    • Dave

      Any non sand dune based life form that mates with a sand dune based life form deserves ZERO sympathy or aid when sh*t goes south (or east in this case)
      Pit bulls get banned when 1 or 2 go on a rampage(usually do to bad training and socializing) but when a sand dune based life form goes off,(usually do to bad training and socializing) more are invited.
      I guess logic is dead.

      • Those kids are STILL Canadians.

        The Liberals failed Zahra Kazemi. PM Hair-Boy and his mad theocratic state supporting brother will ensure that the Liberals fail Canadians once more.

        • Maggat

          Yes, but that does not make us responsible for the unthinking stupidity of that woman when she teamed up with that man. Never mind putting him through school.
          Read the papers watch the news and make informed decisions about your future life. Don’t expect the Canadian gov’t (as much as I dislike the current gov’t) to salvage you and your family from your faulty thought processes.

          • Yes, that woman was a moron but that still doesn’t mean we throw the kids – who could not have a say in her or their lives – to the wolves.

          • Maggat

            You and I both know that there in no possibility that Iran will return her kids.
            Perhaps she should watch that Sally Fields movie, Not Without My Children for some pointers as how to do it through the back door. Azerbaijan is close and it could be done, but through the diplomatic process, no, not a chance.

          • Flee to Turkey.

            That’s how it was done in the movie.

          • Maggat

            I wouldn’t trust Turkey today.

          • I wouldn’t trust this country today.

    • canminuteman

      Maybe the girls are home? Whose to say they aren’t?

      I am assuming the woman is a old fashioned white Canadian. She should have known that in islam children belong to the father.

  • Liberals being @$$holes to children is what makes them so special .. ly vile.

  • dukestreet

    Regardless of the fact that their mother was very foolish to marry one of those things, the children are innocent victims and should be brought to safety. The only problem I have is: will the children become little terrorists before that happens?