Salon: Pope Francis is no longer cool

From Thomas D. Williams at Breitbart:

The liberal flagship Salon magazine has decided it doesn’t like Pope Francis anymore, ever since the pontiff came down hard against indoctrinating children in gender theory.

In his article titled “Pope Francis’ LGBT failure,” Salon writer Nico Lang compares the Pope’s “harsh words” against the gender ideology to those of “the right-wing extremists who have sought to prevent trans people from using bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity.”

The Cool Pope is “not so cool after all,” Lang quipped, just before comparing the Catholic Church to the Republican Party—apparently the meanest slur he could come up with.

Reality check: Wait till the Salonistas have total control. How many women who go to Mass really want to pee in front of men?

But those Catholic women were never cool. And Francis represents them, not the wise cokesnorts. Stay tuned.

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  • FactsWillOut

    So, the left and the right hate him. He’s the anti-Trump.
    Can’t he just die, already?

  • He’s not making many friends these, aside from Muslims that is.

  • Martin B

    He’s no longer cool, but he’ll always be a fool.

    • DMB

      He has the title of a Pope, but he’ll always be a Dope.

  • Brett_McS

    First Twitter, now the Pope. Those Social Justice Warriors ruin everything.

  • Will Quest

    ” Yellow stream ” by I.P. Standing …
    ” Yellow puddle ” by I.P. Sitting ……

  • Will Quest

    Flagrante delicto ……. is always a fleeting desire for the libertine-progressives……… as they jump from bed-to-bed , accumulating STDs as a badge of honour !