No Where to Go: Pakistani Christians Refused Asylum

For the last number of months, the UNHRC has turned away persecuted Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Thailand.

A Pakistani Christian pastor forced to flee to Thailand was denied asylum, leaving him with nowhere to turn.

After four years of struggling with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to prove his case was genuine, Baber Masih said of his plight and that of his wife and three children, “If we return to our country and get arrested due to blasphemy, we are afraid that everything that happens to people who get arrested under blasphemy laws would happen to us. The Muslim extremists of Pakistan could imprison us, kill or even burn us alive.”

  • Sid Falco

    The problem is that you just get mobots pretending to be Christians to get asylum.

  • Dana Garcia

    I’d be happy to trade Obama’s 12,587 Syrian muslim refugees for any Pak Christians looking for a home. Thailand has community of unfriendly allahbots in the south so the syrians would fit in there.

  • ontario john

    Well the Christians can’t come to Canada. Little Justin has already stated that helping Christians first is disgusting. Happy Islamic Heritage Month!

  • The Butterfly

    Real refugees never get refugee status. Rapefugees, on the other hand, are never rejected.

    It’s all a big scam.