No, Shari’ah Law Is Not Compatible With Western Values

Amid several global crises that we face today, the debate on the nature of Islam vis à vis securityrefugee, and even economic policy has created the biggest controversy. The Media have featured a series of opinion pieces written by educated, liberal thinkers that claim to dispel ‘myths’ about Shari’ah law being against western values. One in the Washington Post claimed that Shari’ah is in favour of everything ranging from a western-style government to gender equality. Another piece in the Huffington Post claimed that the definition of Jihad refers primarily to “sustained effort” in advancing the common good and reprimanding evil.

The reality couldn’t be further from these ideas, which are based upon re-interpretations of very vague Qur’anic verses. The notions that Islam can be progressive, Jihad can mean ‘peace’, and Shari’ah is nothing more than  a ‘personal relationship’ are the real myths and deserve to be put to rest.