Business Survey Reveals Elites’ Disregard of the Immigration Costs Paid by Americans

A new survey shows vast gaps between the opinion of elites and of ordinary Americans about the burdens and costs of cheap-labor immigration.

Twenty-seven percent of Democratic supporters, but only four percent of Democratic Party elites, said they agree that that large-scale immigration is a “critical threat.” That’s a 23-point gap, or a seven-fold difference between leaders and led in the Democratic coalition.

In some ways, that gap in the Democratic Party is larger than the gap in the GOP, which has torn itself in two this year over the issue.

Sixty-seven percent of GOP supporters, but only 16 percent of GOP leaders, see large number of immigrants as a critical threat. That’s a larger 51-point gap, but a smaller four-fold difference of opinion between elites and ordinary GOP members, than seen in the Democratic Party.

Speaking of elites… The CBC’s screechy preachy Neil MacDonald misses the point entirely…

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