BREAKING: Gunman on the loose at German school

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A school and nursery in the German city of Hamburg have been evacuated and anti-terror police have been scrambled to the scene amid reports a gunman is on the loose.

From – Twitter #Elmshorn

Elmshorn – police major operation to Elmshorner Waldorf School!

Because of an alleged threat in the Pinneberg district officials have evacuated on Friday afternoon at approximately 12:45 pm, the Waldorf School and the adjacent kindergarten on Adenauer Damm.

The red alert was triggered because a student wants to have a person seen with a gun near the school. The stranger said to have been dressed in black trousers and a black Hoodie.

The police marched out with a large contingent. In addition, professional firefighter were alerted. From the evacuation around 420 students were affected, confirmed police spokeswoman Sandra Mohr towards BILD.

Subsequently, the officers ransacked twice school, but without success.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with islam. That would be islamophobic.

    • May be a false alarmen!

      • ontario john

        You sure won’t see any news like that on the Canadian media. They are too obsessed with a beer can being thrown on a baseball field.

        • simus1

          A walkathon to show solidarity with abused aluminum drink containers is being quickly organized for Thanksgiving Day to channel rising public anger into peaceful non confrontational constructive action.

        • micky

          there is NO reference to this incident on DW at all!

    • May be a false alarmen!

  • BillyHW

    Doesn’t Germany have gun control? How is this even possible?

    • full disclosure

      A few guns must have poured in amongst all the thousands of women and children.