Trudeau may change law to protect citizenship fraudster Monsef

“…If her immigration application, when she was a child, included false information about her birthplace, then it is possible her immigration application was fraudulent.

The penalty for providing false representation to immigration officials is steep.

In similar cases where a parent provided untrue information on behalf of a child, it has led to the stripping of citizenship and even deportation from Canada.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    Deport her mother, perhaps she will follow.

    • The whole family gets deported under current law, a law rigorously enforced by Justin’s government until this fraud was uncovered.

      • xavier

        I wonder if a mandamus could be used? Hopefully her constituents will be irritated enough to pressure Selfie stick to throw her under the bus and jail her for life given that she’s a minister

        No way this fraud should be allowed to be free. I’m sick that we face the full effects of the law while the connected skate

  • Liberal Progressive

    It’s absolutely necessary to make filing false information on immigration documents legal for everybody.

    It would look silly to make it legal only if they were Liberal Party members as Justin wanted!

  • ontario john

    Sort of reminds me of the pigs in the book animal farm.

  • Clink9
  • Alain

    The headline should be “Trudeau Will Change Law…”.

  • Gary

    Typical Liberals, they never like any Laws that they know they can’t obey.

    So now , thousands of muslims will pour in to LIE on the Information cards and claim that the terrorists son was a refugee fleeing oppression when they are really here to be the oppressors and impose sharia in Canada.

    Her issue is with her mother and not Canada. Go sue your Mother and stop thinking that Canada owes you a living because you LIED as well since the media found muslims around you that knew you were from iran.
    Either she LIED or is pretty stupid to be an MP but fits right in with Liberals.

    Justin was for something until he was against it.

  • Miguel

    Hah, sounds like someone’s still sore from the bitch slap they took from the country a year ago…

  • He is also bringing in equal pay laws.

    People voted for this money-waster.

  • WalterBannon

    Her seat needs to immediately be declared void and empty or else Turdeau becomes an accessory to the fraud

    • Alain


  • Clausewitz

    Of course he will. To Trudeau the rule of law is anything he thinks it is.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      If this had been Harper the shorts on the CBC and CTV would have been knotted so tight, their balls would turn blue.

  • DMB

    I predict the RCMP will follow suit with the OPP and turn a blind eye to all the criminality by the Trudeau government just as the OPP is doing with the Wynne government.