Terry Glavin: Beijing’s Canadian puppets

As a Canadian journalist working in Canada, Yuli Hu didn’t expect the sort of indignity she was forced to endure last weekend, after travelling from Toronto to Montreal to cover the triennial proceedings of the International Civil Aviation Organization, the agency representing 191 UN member states that sets worldwide airline safety standards. Hu had already registered with the ICAO and had been advised to pick up her media accreditation at the organization’s Montreal headquarters. But when she arrived, she was pulled aside and told she had to leave because her media credentials were issued by Taiwan’s state-owned Central News Agency.

“I told them I was Canadian. I brought my passport, as was required,” Hu told me. “I don’t think it was right for them to reject me.” Neither does the Committee to Protect Journalists, and neither does Reporters Without Borders, two prominent international press freedom organizations that have protested the ICAO’s conduct. There was not a peep of protest out of the Liberal government in Ottawa, though.

Justin is a Lickspittle.

  • Chris

    What bothers me the most is that too few people actually saw this coming.

    • Our political class and their crony capitalist buddies desired it.

  • Martin B

    “I told them I was Canadian”

    Being Canadian means nothing to Shiny Pony or anyone in his administration.

  • ontario john

    The Liberals love their Chinese and Islamic buddies. Today the media is reporting the sick behavior of Liberal MPs and Dion, who heckled a Conservative MP who brought up the situation of a mother that had her kids kidnapped to Iran by her husband. The mother was in the gallery and left in tears at the behavior. And the Liberal lies keep piling up. Now we find out that Canadian troops are involved in combat missions in Iraq.

    • Alain

      Correction – the Liberals love their communist Chinese….

  • Ron MacDonald