Migrants attack police with fire extinguishers in escape from Spanish detention centre on the day EU launches new border force

A migrant mutiny has left Spanish police scrambling to capture 26 people who escaped from a detention centre on the day the EU launched its new border force.

One migrant feigned illness to distract officers, leaving the others to attack police with fire extinguishers injuring five.

The mob, made up mostly of Algerian migrants, were some of the 70 foreigners without residence permits held in the Sangonera la Verde centre near the south-eastern city of Murcia.

  • xavier

    Shoot to kill. They could be GIC members for all we know. And they’really probably making contact with a support cell. Clear and present danger

  • Alain

    If they are “migrants”, then so were the Nazis when they invaded other countries just as the Russians when they invaded countries in Eastern Europe. No, they are enemy invaders; in fact based on the numbers they are an invading army. I am still waiting for the leader of any country to call them what they are. Unfortunately even the leaders of Eastern Europe continue with the dishonest line of “migrants”.