Hamel: killed by Islamists, manipulated by leftist Catholics

Only leftists could take the murder of a priest at the altar and turn it into a song of praise for Islamists.

It was easy, too easy, to turn (see the movie “Of Gods and Men”) the story of the seven slaughtered Algerian monks of Tibhirine, decapitated by Algerian rebel Muslims in 1996, into a tribute to irenicism and multicultural brotherhood. The history of Algeria in the ‘90s says the contrary. It is the story of a war to cleanse the last remnants of Christendom from North Africa.

Now a book turns even Father Jacques Hamel, murdered by an Islamist commando last July in a small French church, into a symbol of the interfaith dialogue. The book is titled “Martyr, vie et mort du père Jacques Hamel” (with a preface of the former Italian minister Andrea Riccardi) and written by the Belgian journalist and theologian Jan De Volder, a professor of “Religions and Peace” at the Catholic University of Leuven, a member of the secular community Sant’Egidio and involved in inter-religious dialogue.