Devout Muslim stabbed his care worker wife 8 times because she looked after men

A DEVOUT Muslim has been jailed after stabbing his wife to death because her job required her to look after men.

Imran Khan texted his care worker wife a string of threatening messages before brutally murdering her as he claimed she was disobeying Islam.

The 38-year-old sent his Nasreen Khan vitriolic messages warning her that her position made him “angry”.

I’m shocked the law refused to accommodate his cultural background.

  • tom_billesley

    Hasn’t he heard that muslim immigration to Britain is justified to the general public as the way to provide staff for the national health service and social care providers?

    • Must have missed the memo.

    • Blacksmith

      There are plenty more waiting to come in.

  • xavier

    Enough. These people are dangerous and I don’t want them barging into an old folk’s allauakbaring and going into a frenzy of killing all living things