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King Obama Celebrates His Climate Accord: ‘History May Judge Today As The Turning Point For The Planet’

The agreement itself is an abomination. It contains massive new proposed restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions, proposed energy-efficient regulations for buildings, use of the EPA to crack down on Obama-defined pollutants. According to David Kreutzer of the Heritage Foundation, “Restricting the use of conventional energy sources as laid out by the Obama Administration’s INDC will significantly harm the U.S. economy.” Heritage estimates a loss of 206,104 fewer manufacturing jobs between 2016 and 2040; a total income loss of $20,000 for a four-person family by 2035; a GDP loss of $2.5 trillion; and rising electricity costs between 13 and 20 percent.

But more of an abomination is the Obama administration’s insistence upon the use of the heretofore unknown “f*** you” provision of Article II of the Constitution, wherein the president can simply make up policy if Congress refuses to go along with him. Back in March 2015, White House press secretary Josh Earnest explicitly said that Obama would avoid submitting what is clearly a treaty to Congress, since, “I think it’s hard to take seriously from some Members of Congress who deny the fact that climate change exists, that they should have some opportunity to render judgment about a climate change agreement.”


The Top Ten Schools Supporting Terrorists

Across America college campuses are being flooded with pro-terrorist propaganda by groups supported by college administrators and student funds. These groups are led by Students for Justice in Palestine but they include the broad coalitions of the left which have become the breeding grounds for a new anti-Semitism. Boycott, Divest and Sanctions resolutions targeting the state of Israel for destruction are passed to chants of “Allahu Ahkbar,” while Jewish students are the targets of verbal and physical harassments which have reached epidemic proportions. This is a report on the 10 schools most supportive of the efforts of Students for Justice in Palestine and its allies, to demonize the state of Israel and bring about its destruction.

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) portrays itself as a typical student organization and multicultural group advocating for “social justice” in the Middle East, but this image is a cleverly constructed disguise. Students for Justice in Palestine is not concerned about justice in Palestine where the Hamas regime steals hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for humanitarian aid and uses it to dig terror tunnels whose only purpose is to murder Jews. In truth, SJP is a pro-terror organization that is funded by anti-Israel Hamas terrorists for the purpose of destroying Israel, the world’s only Jewish state, and committing genocide against its Jewish population as prescribed in the Hamas charter.


Ottawa expected to compensate 500 past and present female RCMP employees over harassment claims

About 500 female RCMP employees are hoping to be compensated without having to proceed with a class action lawsuit against the federal government over sexual harassment and discrimination in the RCMP.

Details about a possible settlement are expected to be released at a news conference in Ottawa scheduled for 11 a.m. ET Thursday. A media advisory says there will be an “update on harassment-related litigation.”

File photo dated 5/2/2013 of groom cake decorations on a wedding cake, as a majority of Stormont Assembly members have for the first time voted to legalise same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, but a voting mechanism triggered by the Democratic Unionists means the law change will not happen. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Monday November 2, 2015. See PA story ULSTER Marriage. Photo credit should read: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Christian artists face prison over same-sex marriage invites

According to the Christian Post Breanna Koski and Joanna Duka, who run Brush and Nib Studio in Phoenix, Arizona, have been accused of violating the city’s anti-discrimination laws by refusing to make the invites for a client.

The charity has said Ms Koski and Ms Duka have now been threatened with a £1,965 fine or six months in prison – the maximum sentences for breaking Phoenix non-discrimination rules.

Fabricated discrimination by the gheystapo.


‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ is a myth, warn experts, as survey shows there is no ‘rubbish island’

“The continued use of verbage such as ‘plastic islands’, ’twice the size of Texas’, is pure hyperbole that I personally believe undermines the credibility of those that should be focused on helping reduce the source stream of marine debris to our oceans.”

The ‘Garbage Patch’ also known as the ‘Pacific Trash Vortex’ was first noticed by US boat captain Charles Moore in 1997 when he was sailing from Hawaii to southern California and claimed to have stumbled upon ‘plastic…as far as the eye could see”.


University of Kansas mob surrounds conservative students, suggests they leave school

“Your Constitution is flawed, if you didn’t know,” the ringleader said, responding indignantly to a student who called it “the law of the land”: “The law of the land was created with your entitled ass!”

When YAF members attempted to respond with “facts or ask legitimate questions,” protesters hurled insults at them, Young America’s Foundation said.

Lord of The Flies Rebooted.


Anti-Trump demonstrators in Vancouver urge Americans to vote against Trump

I feel more concerned about this than any election in the U.S. before,” said Heather Hay, an activist holding an Avaaz sign and wearing her bicycle helmet. “Every time you speak up, it makes a difference.”

“I think that his racist policies and stance are extremely dangerous in the world,” she said. “Those things are heavily contributing to war, to xenophobia and his lack of understanding about how important thinking about climate change is, because that’s a major threat to the world no matter where you live.


Police group blames CNN for Charlotte riots, suggests they edited video to spark chaos

“The editing was clearly intended to give viewers the impression that Scott wasn’t armed. By intentionally excluding information to promote the false narrative that the officer-involved shooting of Keith Scott was unjustified, CNN directly contributed towards inciting violence and destruction in the Charlotte riots. Innocent citizens were hurt during the Charlotte riots, but editing like this also incites violence against police officers long after the riots are over.”


EU orders British press not to reveal when terrorists are Muslims

A report from the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) found there was an increase in hate speech and racist violence in the UK from 2009 to March 2016.

Blaming the press, ECRI Chair Christian Ahlund, said: “It is no coincidence that racist violence is on the rise in the UK at the same time as we see worrying examples of intolerance and hate speech in the newspapers, online and even among politicians.”


If Trump wins, a coup isn’t impossible here in the U.S.

If this scenario sounds implausible, consider that Trump has normalized so many once-outrageous things — from open racism to blatant lying. Needless to say, such dystopian situations are unimaginable under a President Hillary Clinton, who, whatever her faults, would never contemplate ordering a bombing run or — heaven forbid — a nuclear strike on a country just because its leader slighted her small hands at a summit. Rubio might detest her, but he cannot honestly say that Clinton, a former secretary of State, should not be trusted with the nation’s nuclear codes.

Trump is not only patently unfit to be president, but a danger to America and the world. Voters must stop him before the military has to.

This is not satire. Not intentional satire, anyway.


Cancel Telus: Telus wants to support a carbon tax, so Canadians will no longer support Telus!

Telus, the company that provides cable, Internet, and mobile services to millions of Canadians, launched a campaign last night to support Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax.

Telus took to Twitter, and told their 100,000 followers that they support jacking up taxes on Canadian families by thousands of dollars a year. And they pledged their support to the Liberal politicians pushing the tax.

I called Telus’s customer support centre — that just happens to be located in Guatemala, a country without a carbon tax. Funny how Telus wants us to pay higher taxes, but they moved their jobs offshore, so they can pay Third World wages to save themselves money.

I told them that when my plan is complete, I’m cancelling my Telus contract. And I told them why.

You should do it too. Switch to Rogers or Shaw or anyone else.


Why are liberals so outraged over Trump’s immigration plan?

If you deport Juan, you deport Jamal.


  • BillyHW

    Women’s suffrage was the dumbest idea ever invented.

  • ontario john

    The CBC celebrated a new poll on the National last night, that showed what we already knew. Young Canadians don’t give a shit about their country. Poll shows that young Canadians are not loyal or patriotic about Canada. They are only interested in what the country can provide them. This is no surprise when you consider that the leftists that control the media, politics, and education system are always telling them how evil Canada is past and present. Why we can even rename Vimy Ridge park after a traitor.

  • reidjr

    People who play the xenophobia card have made it very clear there goal is to bring sharia law into North America.

  • robins111

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about a coup when Trump is elected. First the plotters would take years deciding who gets to march where in their ranks and violence would break out over victim status. Second they’d have mass angst over touching a gun and the medical crews in the revolution would need tractor trailers to haul around valium. Lastly, historically when ever the left starts a coup, They expend most of their energy on rhetoric and fighting each other. The Spanish Civil War is a prime example.

    • V10_Rob

      Old story, built on wishful thinking.

  • The Purges Are Activated

    The night of the long knives is right on cue, one month before The
    Trumpening. Leftoids have lost the argument. Now they reach for the only
    weapon they have left: silencing.

    • Blacksmith

      Thanks for that.

  • Blacksmith

    “Rubio might detest her, but he cannot honestly say that Clinton, a
    former secretary of State, should not be trusted with the nation’s
    nuclear codes.”
    Seriously? When anyone who opposed the Klintons has committed suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head three times and you trust here with the nukes? Wow you are dense.

  • Has anyone noticed It’s ‘Hillary+Bill+Biden+Hollywood+The Entire Media+the GOP+Illegal Immigrants+Muslims+Gheys+Feminists+Most Blacks+Socialists…’

    … against just Trump? And he’s holding his own?

    • Justin St.Denis

      Most peculiar indeed!

    • mauser 98

      Trump has a war on 4 fronts…Hill , Democrats , media , GOP oldies

  • Clink9

    “compensate 500 past and present female RCMP employees over harassment claims”

    It’s like they win a cash for life lottery by starting jobs that were previously done by men.

    • Alain

      Isn’t affirmative action grand?

  • mauser 98

    CBC bile..20 protestors… on lunch break from safe injection site job
    NDP organized i bet

  • tom_billesley

    CNN video editing.
    Citizens including law enforcement officers and other emergency responders injured or suffering property damage in post-incident rioting should sue CNN for financial compensation with punitive damages. They would appear to have a strong case.

  • mauser 98

    my Telus time runs out shortly…

    • Linda1000

      I have always used Shaw because they seem to have better Tech support for the internet, WIFI, etc. in Calgary but don’t know about other areas.

      • mauser 98

        Ezra interviewed this morning…said…
        Telus is sucking up to Tater Tot for CRTC favours re expanding band width

        Telus moved call centres to Guatemala…pay employees $250 / month
        none of them are “pure”

        • Linda1000

          Oh, yuk, who is the idiot kissing? If he’s not posing with half naked women or at a pride parade with his tongue hanging out, he’s kissing men. This is who Cdns. voted for to lead their country. Says a lot about the intelligence of Cdn. voters.

          • mauser 98

            well..err… it could be ‘shopped,,, cant remember where i found it

    • Waffle

      Just a word to the wise: think twice before jumping from the frying pan into the fire (Rogers).

      • mauser 98

        yes ..correct… all a bunch of SOBs