Christian is tortured and forced to listen to his sister, 17, being gang-raped by Muslims #IslamicHeritageMonth

A brother has been tortured and forced to listen to his 17-year-old sister being gang-raped after they were kidnapped by a Muslim gang in Pakistan after refusing to convert from Christianity.

The British Pakistani Christian Association say they have been assisting the family in Kasur in the east of the country following their ordeal.

According to the charity, the Muslim gang targeted the family home, which was a mud house in a small village, knowing that they were Christian and threatened them with guns, sticks and metal poles.

  • Millie_Woods

    Not hearing anything about this on the news. Let’s hear what the pope and Archbishop of Canterbury have to say. Any of the dykes infesting the united church maybe? Nope.

    Looks like the church and everyone that has any power has abandoned Christians in favour of fake social justice posturing.

  • Gary

    How sad that Ontario has to fabricate a History for muslims so they don’y go jihad and bomb the subways and behead people .
    islam hasn’t invented anything in about 500 years.

    • Exile1981

      new deviencies?

    • Jabberwokk

      We both know it won’t work. Every step back is a step forward for the Caliphate.

  • xavier

    I hope the Indian intelligence agency (RAW) is secretly training and arming the Christian and other minorities. Should Kashmir become a war zone, those Pakistani minorities could be very useful fifth columnist and saboteurs that would wreck the Pakistani war effort. My hope is that Paksitani suffer the same catastrophic defeat as the 1971 war

  • Gary

    Obama ordered NASA to do Dawah while he gives speeches about how Muslims founded the USA and built the Nation.

    How pathetic to resort to lies to make islam look good because of the barbaric past with 1400 years of misogyny and wars .
    The first mosque in Canada was around 1938 and it was peaceful Muslims that fled Russia. But once the Whahhabi Sunni Muslims poured into canada and we saw Sheema Khan start up CAIR , that has been Canada bashing for 21 years now to incite jihad attacks, the radical Saudi’s took over the mosque and now it pumps out terrorists and anti-canada jew-hating homophobes.

    As we take in more muslims we see the Jihad attacks go up and OUR culture being trashed , this is now being done by Politicians as well as they too purge the public school of Easter and Christmas ( but the teachers still wants to paid days off ) and yet allowed the Jew-hating homophobic Mosque in the valley Park public school .