Chicago Blood – There’s no end in sight to the violence plaguing the Windy City.

“The streets are gone,” Chicago police-union boss Dean Angelo told me in August 2016. The night before, a Chicago police officer’s son had been killed in a shooting while sitting on his family’s porch, one of 92 people slain during the city’s worst month for homicides since July 1993. The August victims who actually survived their drive-by assaults included ten-year-old Tavon Tanner, shot while playing in front of his house (the bullet damaged Tavon’s pancreas, intestines, kidney, and spleen and is still painfully lodged between his shoulder and chest, despite several operations); an eight-year-old girl shot in the arm while crossing the street; and two six-year-old girls. At least 15 children under the age of 12 were shot in the first seven months of 2016, including a three-year-old boy who is now paralyzed for life following a Father’s Day drive-by shooting. The elderly are also victims. At noon on September 6, a 71-year-old man watering his lawn was accosted by a teen on a bike who demanded the man’s wallet; when he refused, the teen shot him in the abdomen, and then rifled through his pockets for the wallet before pedaling away.

  • andycanuck

    Just wait until U.S. cops really stop policing black neighbourhoods.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Or completely STOP policing them…
      The residents deserve either extreme.

      • As long as the meme “snitches get stitches” keeps blacks from helping the police, the situation will not improve.

        Honkie neighborhoods turn in their criminals.

        Black neighborhoods help the criminals.

        The net effect is clearly viewable.

        And it is not a honkie problem.

  • Martin B

    The more hysterical the media & #blacklivesmatter get over cops shooting scumbag black criminals who deserved to be shot, the less attention gets paid to the evil perpetrated by scumbag black criminals every day of the year.

    You’d almost think it was intentional…

  • Gary

    About 24 years ago i saw how the White Politicians in Ontario and Toronto refused to deal with the Black-on-Black killings in Welfare housing .
    I warned people that the bigortry and racism of Lowered -expectation for Blacks will turn Toronto in to a Detroit or a 1930’s Chicago with gangs fighting over their turf.

    This year is heading to another record high shootings and Homicides , but all John Tory can say is that Toronto is still safer than Chicago. Tory can no longer keep up the charade for the 1960’s ” Toronto the good ” mantra .
    They can’t fool me because I knew that almost all of those White politicians that point at others as the racists tend to live in Wealthy , well-policed, white neighbourhoods where the only 50 shades of Brown they see are the Landscapers , Maids and Nannies ( As we see for Justin who has a pro-life wife that has three children , not including Justin ).

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s just part of the scenery now like any other third world nation. You don’t hear feminists screaming about the stratospheric rate of rapes in South Africa, do you? We can and should ignore all of this. It’s the only tolerant liberal thing to do.