A Banana Republic level of corruption: DOJ Let Clinton Aides’ Lawyer Limit FBI’s Investigation

Department of Justice (DOJ) officials let the attorney for two of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s closest aides shape the FBI’s investigation into her private email server, including allowing the assistants to destroy official records and laptops.

Four leaders of key House and Senate oversight committees pointed to two June 10, 2016, letters Beth Wilkinson drafted in conjunction with DOJ officials saying the FBI could only review Clinton email archives dated between June 1, 2014, and Feb. 1, 2015, and maintained by the Colorado firm Platte River Networks. The letters also “memorialized” the FBI’s agreement allowing the Clinton aides to destroy their records and laptops.

This is a Banana Republic level of corruption.

  • Chatillon

    Some questions for Donald Trump, if he were to become president

    1) Will the follow-on prosecutions stemming from the Holy Land trial be allowed to proceed as originally intended?
    2) Will the Clinton’s be honestly investigated for their financial dealings and allegations of influence peddling?
    3) Will Obama be investigated for his various acts of negligence in office?
    4) Will the Saudis and Gulf States be investigated for their purchase of influence in the US government?
    5) Will Muslim Brotherhood influence in the US government be torn out, root and branch?

    For obvious reasons one shouldn’t expect ALL of these points to be brought up in the coming debates. However, one has a right to expect one or two of them to either be raised by the moderator or for Trump to bring up at an opportune moment and to hammer on strongly, if he loves this country as he says and if he knows what he’s doing, as he claims.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Moderators try to control everything in Hillary’s favor and if Trump tries to bring these things up on his own, he will be quickly squelched.

  • mobuyus

    Well a banana republic run by a flipping chimp. I figure in a few years if everything goes huma’s way…I mean hillarys way, we will be watching shoe and flip flop fights in Congress.