“Your Goal is the Eradication of Germans!” – Green Politician Claudia Roth confronted by Patriots

h/t DMB

  • G

    . Germany is being killed by pigs like this woman. She is a typical elitist. She’s used to ramming her viewpoints down the throats of others who are too timid to fight back. When she is confronted and forced to hear other views she runs away. I’ve seen this behavior before.

    I feel sorry for the real German patriots, watching their nation die. Canada died quite some time ago, killed by the same type of people.

  • G

    I’d also like to add. She’s a sneering fuck. Smiling and waving to those who are angry at her. She knows she can act all confidant because she is protected by an army of cops.

  • Gary

    We have the same traitors in canada that bow to islam for the morons they are. These village-idiots like Wynne, Trudeau and Barbara Hall think that they will be spared under sharia law as friends of the islamists that helped islam destroy Canada.

    I just hope I’m alive to see the Jihad video of these three stooges having their heads sawed off with a dull knife by their hooded islamists buddies that praise god in arabic and then hold up their heads as a victory over the really stupid Liberals so east to trick .
    I can just imagine them trying to tell these savages that islam means Peace and that ” I’m on your side” ……..yet the knife goes on their throat and does Canada a favour to rid society of 3 morons and traitors.
    Let the muslims kill off all the liberals and Progressives first along with the 9 idiots on the SCOC.

  • WalterBannon

    Islam uber alles