‘We’re living in an occupied country’ – Rancher says only Trump can save him from Mexican drug cartels

Ranchers Jim and Sue Chilton have been fighting for years for better US-Mexico border protection. Donald Trump is the only one they trust to stop the drug cartel that controls their land. Ines Pohl reports from Arizona.

Every few meters there’s a rusty steel post holding up lines of barbed wire. From a distance you can scarcely make them out in the sandy, hilly landscape, between the cacti and the desert grass.
And under the blazing sun you have to look closely to see all the places where the barbed wire has been repaired. The glint of fresh metal gives them away.

Jim Chilton is 77 years old, and has a bit of a belly. It takes him less than a minute to crawl under the fence. With that he has crossed the border between Mexico and the United States. He’s hung his pale cowboy hat on one of the steel posts, but the Colt stays in its holster on his heavy leather belt – always close at hand.

Almost all are drug smugglers

Thousands of people cross their land every year. No one knows the exact figure. They leave behind tons of plastic rubbish. When cows eat it, they die a painful death. The people cut through the fence, causing further losses when the cows escape. “These days, one of my cowboys’ main jobs is fixing fences,” says Jim.

  • Exile1981

    A double fence filled with land mines would keep the criminals from getting to the inner fence which would mean no cutting the second cow fence, or leaving trash for the cows to eat. As an added bonus the land mines would help feed the local coyote and vulture population.

  • Brett_McS

    Check out The Arroyo, by Declaration Entertainment (Bill Whittle’s company), on this theme. Done on a low budget but excellent nevertheless. Of course the studios won’t touch the issue.

    • Slickfoot The Deplorable

      Bought a copy when it first came out… Excellent.

  • Dave

    Shoot, shovel and shut up has a nice sound to it. Except the shovel and shut up part, too muck work. Besides, the coyotes(four legged type) need to eat as well.